Principal’s Update – March 2022

  • 7 March 2022

Dear Parents,

We re-started physical school on 14th Feb and in less than a month the collective enthusiasm and passion of students and teachers have already made many events possible along with assessments, parent meetings and reinforcement of learning. Congratulations to the junior codefest team, Second languages department for celebrations of world languages and culture and English department for organizing debates and literary contests. It was a pleasure to award certificates and trophies to the participants during the full school assembly.

It was also lovely to connect this weekend with the parent community from EYP to grade XII. Thank you for all your positive feedback and useful suggestions-we are attentive to your opinions and as always, will accommodate as much as we possibly can. The transition to only offline classes is scheduled from Mid-March with a complete stop to hybrid teaching by the end of March. For teachers, it has been really difficult to manage hybrid learning and it is time that they focus completely on children present in class. We already have close to 70% in-school attendance, indicative of the general will to transition back to offline classes. This will improve discipline among students and take away the burden of screen time that all of us were looking forward to. Requesting parents to plan ahead accordingly.

Only for exceptional cases and with proof of adverse circumstances, we will accommodate through blended teaching. This means, limited classes will be made available in the recorded format for children to access. We will also fix a catch up meeting with the teachers. However, this will be an exception and not the norm.

Wishing grades X and XII as they prepare for the second mocks. These two mocks are the most effective way to minimise errors in the final assessments and ensure the best board results.

Sports day preparations and competitions have been ongoing since October and the culmination is planned on 25th and 26th of this month. Timings and other details will be shared by the respective class teachers. Looking forward to meeting you either during the University fair planned on 14th March or during the Sports day and Art exhibition.


Pallavi Mishra


Oakridge International School, Bengaluru