Principal’s Update – February 2022

  • 4 February 2022

Dear Parents

Thank you for participating in the monthly OPP meetings. It was heartening to hear that all parents are unanimously waiting to send children back to school.  

Wishing speedy recovery to any family who may have contracted the virus. Good to note that nearly all people recovered from home and have had minor symptoms only. Thankfully 100% of our staff is doubly vaccinated and we hope our parents are also fully vaccinated. Requesting parents and students (15 and above) to update vaccination status on school post. As promised, please find attached an faq to help you navigate the post-pandemic return to school scenario.

School Premises Reopening

As you might be aware, the government has officially approved the reopening of schools for all grade levels from today.

However, we are opening in a staggered manner, and this week all admin and academic leadership are back, next week all staff return to school premises.

As for the children, I am pleased to inform you that we will be opening school premises for all grades from 14th February. For EYP we plan to start regular school from 21st Feb. Detailed segment wise information will follow.

Grade X and XII exams

Mock 1 exams for grades X and XII will be conducted in school only. We assure you that all safety protocols will be applied, as in the past. The coordinators will conduct exam orientation sessions on specific dates-please feel free to raise any questions at this time.

It is necessary that children get practice of writing in exam conditions and learn to follow the board exam timetable. After exams, children will be in revision classes for the next exam and leave at the regular time at 2:30 pm.

School Transport

Also happy to share that the school transport will be on prorated basis for the month of February as we are starting from 14th Feb. Details of the payment will be shared with you soon. Please fill in the transport request form as early as possible to enable us to make due arrangements.

School Lunch

We are also getting ready to provide our hugely popular school lunch from 15th March. Please fill in forms and clear payments to avail this facility. Oak Café will be carrying only snack items.


Congratulations to the codefest team for a stellar hackathon with 45 teams participating across the world. The junior codefest preparations are on full swing with the virtual event scheduled on 18th February.

Congratulations also to grade X for showcasing their personal projects. The standard and quality of the personal projects was not only outstanding, it also inspired the younger grades to start planning already. Congratulations are also due to the spell bee and photography contest winners. Our school children sincerely deserve to be congratulated for exceling in academics and beyond.

Please wait to know about the revised dates for Sports day.

Will we stop VSE immediately?

Parents, we do not plan to discontinue VSE suddenly but we do hope that we will be able to transition back fully to offline school with your cooperation. VSE is the next best thing to actual school but when actual school is available then please do not lose out on the opportunity to send children to school. There will never be zero risk, however, now that it is reasonably safe, we must get children back to school.

We will continue to apply all COVID protocols stringently and remain alert to any developments. Just to remind you, we have a crisis management team, a nurse, isolation center and sanitizers installed all across the school. The maximum capacity in any classroom is 27 students.

Our rooms are spacious, deep cleaned every day and well ventilated. As in the past, you are welcome to visit on Friday between 3-4pm, (provided you are fully vaccinated and in good health) should you like to see our arrangements.

Please feel free to write to me or your respective class teachers, should you have any questions.

Wishing you good health and happiness


Pallavi Mishra


Oakridge International School, Bengaluru