Principal’s Letter : January 2022

  • 6 January 2022

Dear Parents,

Many good wishes for a joyous and happy new year to all!

I suppose all of us have willingly or unwillingly, learnt to embrace ambiguity in the last year. This pandemic, in its myriad shades continues to linger, however, it is slightly more manageable with children vaccination being officially launched.

Children’s vaccination drive

I am pleased to share with you that we are working on hosting a children’s vaccination drive on the school campus, just as we had done for adults. Details will follow in a separate communication. In the meantime, many of our senior school students registered for the dose independently and have taken their vaccination today.

Our teachers and admin staff are 100% vaccinated and we are even looking at giving booster dose to all, once the government permits.

Grades VI to IX assessments

The middle school exams are due shortly and we are taking a flexible approach with regard to keeping both online and offline options open, given the circumstances.

Wishing all the students the very best. I am sure you will do put in your best efforts and shine.

However, academic integrity is the school and parents’ joint responsibility. Together, we must ensure that students writing exams from home do not resort to any malpractice. Coordinators and class teachers have conducted orientations on exam regulations. Please adhere to the same and should you have any doubts, please clarify them with the respective class teachers.

CIALFO orientation and log in

To support university applications and processes, we have tied up with the premium platform CIALFO, at no added cost to the parents. This is the preferred college guidance platform of most international schools. Besides providing essay prompts, it supports the students through the entire application process. The orientation is due this week. It is available for all our students of grades VIII and above.

Lunch and transport facility

Thank you to all the parents for responding to the surveys on adding lunch and expanding transport facilities. As many families have requested school lunch, we should be able to start it in a few weeks, while we have already added more transport routes based on parent requests. If the situation with regard to the pandemic escalates and we have some government directive/advisory, we will review and revert accordingly.

As in the past, we will stay prepared for all possibilities to ensure the best educational offer for our children. We will keep you posted of all developments. Looking forward to our monthly virtual parent meetings. Thank you for your cooperation and trust.


Pallavi Mishra

Oakridge International School,