Sustainable Tourism to Urban Transit Solutions at Oakridge Codefest

  • 23 January 2024

Witnessing original ideas that outsmart AI, Oakridge International School successfully hosted the 7th edition of the Oakridge Codefest, Bengaluru’s largest 24-hour overnight hackathon for secondary students. The event, held on January 20th & 21st, was the confluence of 147 tech enthusiasts, forming 44 teams from 15 schools in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Digital Ethics in Focus

The Chief Guest, Ms Pallavi Mishra, Principal of Oakridge School, congratulated the participants for their perseverance and lauded Codefest as a unique platform for young minds to innovate and collaborate. “These students are next-generation digital engineers who will solve industry and governance-defined problems” she added. Joshua Fernandes, Associate Vice President for NewSpace Research & Technologies Pvt. Ltd, was the Guest of Honour of the event.

Innovative Solutions

On average 30% of all road accidents are due to drunk driving, leading to millions of deaths every year. Team “Z3RO” clinched the first prize with their ‘Alco-Lock’ to combat this problem in the Junior Category. Team Syntax Error from Oakridge won the second prize by developing an app for sustainable adventure and responsible tourism. The participants burned the midnight oil with their creativity on the themes Eco-Tourism, Pedagogical Tools, Urban Transit Solutions, AI on Edge Compute Platforms, Fin-tech Innovation, and Game Development.

Tech Marvels and Future-Ready Programmers

Team “Alt 4” secured the first prize in the Senior Category by developing a cost and time-efficient transport for digitized socialization. The diverse range of projects included AI tutor, Cardioguard, and several other machine learning models. Cash prizes worth 1.2 lakhs were awarded to the title winners as a tangible recognition of their efforts. The core organizing team of Codefest, comprising both students and teachers, earned accolades for their meticulous planning.

Codefest: Catalyst for Educational Transformation

The impact of Codefest extended beyond the competition itself. Many schools found inspiration to integrate coding lessons into their curriculum, recognizing the importance of nurturing future-ready programmers. Oakridge International School, with its Design Lab, encourages students to create innovative, sustainable solutions through technology. As an IB continuum premium school, Oakridge ensures students are prepared to meet emerging industrial demands.