Press Report: 5th Annual Bangalore JMUN, 2020

  • 15 October 2020

The Oakridge Bangalore JMUN is always event students eagerly await each year, as they are given a platform to come up with solutions to the world’s biggest humanitarian problems. The Oak JMUN is particularly special as it is the only junior MUN in Bangalore, giving young people access to this platform.

Going digital for the first time, the Oakridge Bangalore JMUN 2020 conference was an exciting and unique experience for everyone involved, from the organizers to participating students. Held on October 9th and10th, the theme for the conference was ‘Advancing Human Rights During a Pandemic.’ This theme was carefully chosen by the Organizing Committee of the JMUN due to its relevance to the current situation our world is in, with the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting the whole world.

Students explored various topics and issues present in our current pandemic situation, such as equitable vaccine distribution, biological warfare law enforcement, economic impacts of COVID-19, and migration during the pandemic. This was done through four UN committees: WHO, HRC, ECOSOC, and SC. Close to 150 delegates attended this year’s conference and continued a rich history of MUN success at Oakridge. From our campus, we have 4 talented students who won awards for their exceptional performance at the JMUN; Adithya Pathak, Arryaa Oduru, Sunidhi Tumuluru and Jia Misra. The MUN inspired students to develop their own solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems, and we wish them the best of luck in turning these ideas into reality!