ISRO Scientist Inaugurates PYP Exhibition at Oakridge

  • 17 April 2024

BHM Darukesha, ISRO scientist, was the chief guest of our prestigious PYP Exhibition. He had developed a 5W amplifier that is part of the communication system for India’s lunar mission that sends data about the health of the lander, rover, and propulsion module!

Here are the key takeaways from Mr Darukesha’s address to our PYP learners and their teachers:

Curiosity Fuels Discovery

Encourage the students to nurture their curiosity about the world around them. Children should discover new things by asking questions, making observations, and experimenting.

Promote Non-linear Learning

Advocate for non-linear learning approaches, where students are encouraged to explore beyond the confines of their age or grade. Emphasize the importance of schools supporting this type of learning, as it allows children to pursue their interests and passions more freely, leading to deeper understanding and growth.

Holistic Development

Promote life-long learning and holistic development in children assisting them in choosing various fields of profession in future to become a responsible global citizen.

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