IBDP Project O.R.E.O creates awareness on sustainable campus

  • 18 December 2023

Oakridge Renewable Environmental Operation (OREO) is an SDG project by Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) students in IBDP under the guidance of their facilitator Ms. Nishtha Srivastava.

The project aims to create a more sustainable campus supported by the actions of all stakeholders. IBDP students designed posters and led awareness sessions with students, staff and substaff to implement different policies for the school dining hall, cafeteria, classrooms and common spaces to promote healthy eating habits & cleanliness!

The objective is to make our school, Oakridge International school Bangalore an eco-friendly and sustainable school through:

  • Creating Awareness on managing domestic waste & food waste
  • Reducing paper waste in the Cafe – Replacing paper plates with green plates (Leaf plate)
  • Helping the students in keeping the classes clean by announcing Award for the Cleanest Class
  • Introducing Sweet Treats during Lunch encouraging students to finish their food
  • Implementing different policies with the servers in the lunch hall, at the oak cafe, and in classes for PYP and MYP that promote cleanliness
  • Our IB learners believe these initiatives will allow more people in school to adopt sustainable habits and a mindset that is for the environment.

    All the best, Pranav, Ranitha, Sunidhi, Lila, Mischa, Advitiya, and Aanya for your project!