Cool Coorg Days of an Oakridger!

  • 22 February 2024

Hi I am Ritayush. My class, MYP 3 of Oakridge International School Bangalore recently visited Coorg (Kodagu). The CAS trip allowed us to immerse ourselves in the beautiful local culture of the coffee capital of India. Of course, since this was an edu-tour, we not only enjoyed the delightful serenity of the place, but also learnt many new things. We were able to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills through curated adventure activities. We also learnt about sustainable coffee farming practices, including organic filters and single-origin coffee concepts. And finally, we understood the local ecosystem and its importance in biodiversity and sustainability.

Day 1 commenced as we boarded the buses and prepared for a 5-hour long journey from Bangalore to Coorg. Upon arriving, we had our delicious lunch and got ready for some engaging and interactive icebreaker activities. There was also a very interesting scavenger hunt held in a park just a few minutes away from the resort.

On Day 2, we were divided into 2 groups based on the buses we arrived. Group 1 started their day by participating in some thrilling adventure activities and rope activities, then spent the evening in a beautiful coffee plantation, learning all about coffee harvesting by interacting with a local expert in the field.

Group 2 started their day a bit earlier by going on a lovely nature trek (3km up and down). Upon completion, we got one of the best and clearest views of the vast Western Ghats. Right before lunch, we also visited a lovely waterfall to swim in the fresh, rejuvenating water. We had a lovely musical night afterwards, filled with the energy of dancing together.

On Day 3, both groups followed each other’s Day 2 schedule. After dinner, both groups concluded Day 3 with a soothing bonfire. We had a small reflection session on the trip followed by some entertaining performances by the students.

On Day 4, we started journey back home. On the way, we stopped at a beautiful monastery, learning about Buddhism and the art of meditation. This trip not only gave us a lovely experience and lifetime memories in Coorg, but also an excellent opportunity to enhance our self-management and organization skills, and the very first taste of independence. I am sure every student returned home with the joy of learning something new.

This Edutour gave us all lifelong memories with our friends and teachers while also giving an incredible opportunity to explore new things.