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How Oakridge prepares students for university placements

  • 29 May 2023

What’s next after Grade 12? How about placements in QS ranked global universities?

With more than 100 offers in hand, the Grade 12 students at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru are all set to reach new heights at their university destinations. Like every year, IBDP students are placed in top QS-ranked Universities in USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and India among many other countries. Let’s see how the school is constantly working towards making the students’ dream universities a reality.

Starting as early as Grade 8

For students from Grade 8 to Grade 11, Oakridge organises personal and group counselling sessions. The school nurtures student potential through regular follow-up meetings and definite timelines to work on schedules and manage their university applications. Oakridge firmly believes that a strong parent-teacher relationship is essential for the success of children. There are regular one on one interactions with parents to build the student profiles.

Test Preparations to Crack the Best

Entrance test preparations alongside academics is an important part of the learning journey at Oakridge. Information sessions on SAT and PSAT are regularly organised with presentations and talks. PSAT 8/9 test is also administered for the students of MYP 3 and 4.

Regular University Fairs & Visits

Several university events are organised by the career counselling team throughout the year. A university fair with 21 universities was organised in collaboration with CIALFO, the global career exploration of Oakridge at school campus in the month of September 2022. All these events gave an excellent opportunity to the students and parents to interact with the University admission officers giving them insight into aspects of the university that are not mentioned on the websites. The Q&A sessions helped them clear their doubts and understand the university cultures and processes better.

Universities from India, USA, UK, Ireland and New Zealand visited Oakridge during the months of August and September. There were also hospitality and culinary institutes visiting the campus. IB curriculum at Oakridge has a wide range of subject interests across fields which is appealing to the Universities worldwide.

Pre-IBDP Bridge Programme

The IBDP Bridge Programme is a specialised 2-week training session for Grade 11 students before commencing an academic year. It is designed to provide a smooth transition for students from CBSE/IGCSE/ICSE to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IB trained educators at Oakridge take introductory workshops for success in the IBDP core elements of CAS, TOK, and EEs along with course selection support. Career guidance also starts from day one of academic session at Oakridge.

Let the Numbers Speak!

University Offers – 100+

Countries – 8

Students Placed – 100%

Cumulative Scholarship – $160,000+

About Oakridge International

As a Nord Anglia Education School, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru is part of the world’s leading premium school organisations. It is an IB continuum school that is committed to providing quality education and holistic development opportunities to its students and their families.

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Central office: 8978999034, 8978999035
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Sara Cherian
Manager – Communications

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