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Top 4 Advantages of Weekly Boarding: The Best of Both Worlds

  • 29 May 2023

As parents, we all want the best for our children. One of the most important decisions we have to make is choosing the right school for our children. For some families, this decision includes whether to enrol their child in a boarding school, and if so, whether to opt for full-time or weekly boarding.

Sending their child to boarding, especially for mothers and grandparents is not just a decision about the school, but is also a decision involving a lot of emotions. A series of questions keep haunting, all starting with “What If?” Though a lot of parents are aware that boarding provides students with a well-rounded educational experience they are worried about their child staying away for long term. The best option for parents with such concern is Weekly Boarding.

While full-time boarding has its advantages, weekly or part-time boarding offers a balance between the benefits of a boarding school experience and the comforts of home. Weekly boarding is a type of boarding school arrangement where students stay in the school’s boarding house during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and return home on weekends.

Here are top 4 reasons why weekly or part-time boarding may be a good option for your child:

  1. Makes your child independent and self-reliant:

Weekly boarding allows students to experience independence and self-reliance, while still having the support of a structured environment. Students learn to manage their own schedules, take care of their own needs, and make responsible decisions. This can help them develop into confident and capable adults.

At Oakridge, weekly boarding students get an opportunity to develop essential life skills that will serve them well in various aspects of their lives. It enables them to develop a sense of responsibility, and learn to manage their time, while still maintaining a connection with their home life.

  1. Gives your child access to top class School Facilities and Extracurricular Activities:

Boarding schools offer a wealth of extracurricular activities and facilities, which students can access outside of class hours. By spending time on campus, children get to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, drama, and community service, which can help them develop new skills and interests.

For instance at Oakridge, weekly boarders are a part of various clubs such as gardening club, debate club, cooking club etc. through which they pursue their passions under guidance of teachers. Not just that, they have full access to school library, sports areas like the basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, cricket ground and soccer ground where they get to read or play and practise their favourite sports, after their regular classes.

  1. Provides your child a Supportive Environment:

Weekly or part-time boarding can provide a supportive environment for children who may need additional academic or emotional support. Boarding schools often have well-trained staff and resources available to support children who may struggle with academics, socialization, or emotional well-being. This level of support is often difficult to replicate in a traditional day school setting.

At Oakridge teachers and students live together in the same boarding campus. In fact, post school hours teachers are more like mentors to students. Students approach them and share about their daily happenings at school, their thoughts, feelings and many more. Not just that, students have dedicated study time during the week, and with academic support available, they receive extra help and guidance when needed.

  1. Develops Strong Sense of Community in your children:

Living and learning alongside peers in a weekly boarding environment can help students build a strong sense of community. Children have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which can broaden their horizons and help them develop a more global perspective.

In conclusion, weekly boarding can be a great option for families who want to give their children access to the benefits of a boarding school education without the full-time commitment. It can offer children the opportunity to develop independence and responsibility, benefit from additional academic and emotional support, and experience a unique and enriching social environment. It is worth considering boarding at Oakridge when making the important decision of choosing the right school for your child.

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