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Future-ready global citizens

  • 21 June 2021

Oakridge paving the path for students to become future-ready global citizens

Students still memorize and learn information solely to get good test scores, but today’s educators are pushing back. They are creating classrooms that meet testing requirements but also focus on future-ready skills. These skills are bound to outlast all technology, jobs, and everyday activities. That is why Oakridge International School, Bengaluru embraces and instils future-ready skills in their students.

In 10 or 20 years, much of what we ‘know’ about the world will no longer be true; cutting-edge technology today will be outdated tomorrow, and the kids who succeed will be those with the skills to learn, think, and plan,” says Pallavi Mishra, Principal of Oakridge International School, Bengaluru. “We want to prepare our students for anything that’s ahead of them and give them the skills to thrive in the future. Although we don’t have a lot of the technical knowledge yet to teach them, what we can teach them are future-ready skills that will be applicable no matter what our technological environment looks like.”


As one of the first IB schools in the country, with the largest pool of world-class IB trained teachers, Oakridge creates an environment that is vibrant and engaging, to encourage every student to be a lifelong learner. Their unique integrated system uses ‘inquiry’ as a vehicle of learning and understanding. For example, memorising a collection of random words is hard, but memorizing an acronym connects the concept to memories, sounds, tastes, and feelings. Therefore, students learn music notes as “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” because they can place a fun phrase or feeling on top of confusing circles and lines.


It is said that the greatest device for further creativity and innovation is a curious mind—and the curiously passionate students of Oakridge have the opportunity to explore their creativity in mind-boggling projects straight from the subject experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)! As a part of the Nord Anglia Education group, Oakridge students collaboratively explore opportunities in STEAM-related hands-on projects as a part of their curriculum. MIT Home Lab is a unique challenge section and has been modified to suit the current situation, where students can use prevalent household materials and participate in innovative home lab challenges including water pressure, bread challenge, jello prism, pinhole camera and dying eggs.


From day one, the youngest students at the Oakridge International School, Bengaluru develop knowledge and independence at their school. This happens through the variety of the IB curriculum, from performing arts and STEAM to outdoor learning and library time. Physical activities are a big feature of the weekly lesson plans at Oakridge. With playing outside now limited, Oakridge has seamlessly shifted their physical activity classes online, be it Yoga, Zumba, Taekwondo or regular PE activities. PE classes give the students the much-needed physical activity each day, helping channel their energy and develop the motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength that will keep them healthy and form the basis of future sporting prowess. Being able to do these fun activities as a group, helps them feel more socially connected and builds confidence. Physical activities also elevate their mood, helps reduce negative behaviour and plays a huge role in developing their social and motor skills.


Ranked as among the top 3 IB schools in Karnataka by Times Education, Oakridge Bengaluru is known as the first choice for parents who are ambitious for academic excellence and the development of the skills, attitudes and behaviours known to be needed in the world of tomorrow. With an average subject grade of 4.94 against a global average of 4.67, students of Oakridge have excelled in the 2020 IBDP results. Understanding the expectations of modern-day parents and the requirements of their children, Oakridge creates global citizens with strong character as they encourage their students to go beyond their capabilities and change the world with their innovative ideas and problem-solving skills.

STUDENTS’ CORNER – Alumni Speaks

Abhishek – Alumni – Batch of 2020 (Deakin University: Sports Science) I studied the IB Diploma program at Oakridge International School from 2018 to 2020. I was a new student to the school when I joined in 2018, but the teachers and the environment of Oakridge made it feel like my second home. The IB is a very rigorous program with a lot of deadlines and submissions. Coming from an Indian board, the IB was very different and very well structured with a fixed set of guidelines for every subject. Whenever I faced any problem with any of my assignments or concepts in any subject, the teachers were always there supporting and helping me through my journey.

Aishwarya – IBDP Topper & Oakridge Alumni – Batch 2020 University of California San Diego: Biology I joined Oakridge in 11th grade to pursue the IB Diploma Program. After studying in the same school for 10 years, I was apprehensive about the journey that lay ahead of me, but Oakridge welcomed me with open arms. My teachers and the school have been instrumental in shaping me for the world that lies beyond and I’m thankful for the many opportunities I got. Oakridge caters to the individual need of every student which helps us grow in our own unique ways.

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