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Spring Renewal: How the season enhances students’ ability to learn

  • 20 February 2023

The seasonal change of ‘Winter to Spring’ is a symbol of new beginnings which has always been associated with growth, energy, blooming and renewal. Different research also embarks upon the fact that enhanced daylight and fresh breeze provide a boost in energy, moods, and overall wellbeing for many individuals.

Keeping oneself energized is an ongoing process which certainly requires proactiveness. The intermingling of seasons with human development often reflects in our physiological development. Hence, aiding to our capability, personality, overall functioning, and holistic wellbeing. It is observed that such a robust boost in nature proportionally also aids towards enhancing the capacities of a Learner. 

Remember that as educators and guardians we too need to follow the same suggestions to guide children further.  

  • Enjoy the spring in each step! Keep in mind the pleasant goal of feeling elated, relaxed, and spirited for all the following days as they shall help in managing some recent changes, ongoing tasks, enhance focus and help you prioritise better.  
  • Nature and Mindset: Seek out to Nature, and let it nurture your mental faculties. Activities like taking a walk in the park or spending time outdoors surrounded by nature can improve mood, increase energy levels, and even reduce stress levels. Moreover, this mindful habit can help in grounding our emotions and better self-management skills. 
  • Encourage curiosity: Young individuals are curious beings, this is just that time of the year when we can be available to advertise the class’s natural instincts to figure things out and to push their limits, challenging them to take on more independent work. The enthusiasm with which students attend to information can also elevate the level of Dopamine which very often also helps them in memorization and recollection of what they have learnt.  
  • Reigniting the Learning Motivation: Help students raise their awareness of the potential problems related to increased daylight hours. We can also guide them to plan after school-hours and build a schedule. Encouraging them to be organized for their daily and long-term assignments shall support them in balancing there day efficiently. One remarkable thing to do can be Students playing Mentors to the upcoming cohort e.g., by writing a letter to their peers about what they will learn; it is a fun way to help them reflect on what they have learned. 

  • Beware of changed sleep: Longer daylight hours may have a negative effect on students’ sleep schedules, even though their moods and sense of well-being can respond favourably to the spring and summer changeover. Attention, memory, and higher cognitive skills can be hampered by minute variations in circadian rhythms, such as those brought on by the change to daylight saving time or the start of the school year following spring break. Following a timetable is motivating since studying before getting a full night’s sleep makes information much more memorable than studying right before bed and getting only six to eight hours of sleep the night after. 
  • Use the spring and summer months for creativity: Other antidotes for the restlessness and enthusiasm (spring fever) that accompany with this time of year include cross-curricular units, sessions where students may roam around, and group work. Make sure kids have plenty of chances to express their creativity and decide what they want to learn. Again, according to neuroplasticity, a memory network gets stronger every time it is used, reviewed, and activated. Making sure parents are aware of the material pupils have studied over the course of the year will help them make connections over the vacation. 

Given the circumstances, spring is fantastic for your physical and mental health. There are many reasons to adore this season, from the longer days and warmer weather to the abundant fresh food and activities.

So be sure to enjoy it by going outside! Your body, soul, and mind will appreciate it. 

Thoughts by

Anagha Raj
Student Counselor

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