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Nurturing a generation of change makers via CAS

  • 29 September 2022

Some of you might be thinking what is CAS, right? Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is a required fundamental element of the prestigious IB curriculum. CAS in particular serves the purpose of giving IB schools the chance to “provide students with the means to learn through experience and how to conduct acts in the service of others.”

What are the components of CAS?

The three components of CAS, which are frequently entwined with specific activities, can be summarized as follows:

  • Artistic expression and other activities requiring creativity.
  • Physical exercise that supports a healthy lifestyle and academic work elsewhere is referred to as “activity.”
  • Service is a voluntary, unpaid exchange that benefits the student’s education. All parties involved have their rights, decency, and individuality respected.

10 fun and rewarding CAS Ideas:

  1. Start a club- interact, engage and learn together maybe a rubics cube, cultural club, languages club etc.
  2. Decluttering of a natural habitat e.g. a lake, forest area or park.
  3. Supporting a marathon or crossfit event
  4. Make a documentary
  5. Start a school newsletter
  6. Get crafty and experiment different DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.
  7. Crowdfund and support a cause
  8. Adopt a village or a small group of needy people
  9. Advocacy and Awareness Generation in local community on general issues like traffic behaviour, eco-friendly practices, human rights etc.
  10. Get moving- dance, sing, act!

Why CAS?

Being one of the the pillars of the IB curriculum, CAS offers students distinctive life experiences. For CAS projects, the educators serve as facilitators while the students take full ownership of the process. The responsible teachers monitor the event’s development and offer assistance when difficulties arise. Because it is where learning occurs, we want children to think independently and face the appropriate challenges, hence garnering a plethora of other advantages out of this meaningful activity:

  • Through distinctive experiential learning, CAS enables students to advance their interpersonal and personal growth.
  • It offers chances for independent decision-making and teamwork, encouraging a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from their work.
  • CAS serves as a significant counterpoint to the IB Diploma Programme’s academic demands.
  • It is intended that pupils gain communication, social, self-management, cognitive, and cooperative traits.

The world’s top universities look for more than simply subject-matter proficiency to enable students to fill dynamic roles once they decide on a career path. Because of what they learned in school, IB students are prepared to meet the demanding demands of university life when they graduate from high school. They are equipped to handle difficulties both within and outside of the classroom.

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Thoughts by:

Simranpreet Kaur

Communications Manager, Oakridge Mohali

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