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Making Oneself Globally Competitive by Exploring New Languages

  • 27 January 2022

Learning different languages makes one globally competitive. Learn a foreign language as a child and you have a lifetime to benefit from cross-culture friendships, broader career opportunities, exciting travel adventures and deeper insights into how others see the world. This thought made me naturally inclined towards learning French as a foreign language and being a French facilitator at Oakridge has given me an opportunity to create international mindedness amongst my students and make them globally competitive.

Have you ever wondered the benefits of making your child multilingual right from early years?

We’ve all heard- toddlers described as “sponges” for learning a language. I have experienced the same while facilitating French Learning to our Early years students. It is proved that it is a critical period for language acquisition, when your brain is primed to learn. Moreover, a child who is multilingual is better at tasks that require multi-tasking and attention focusing that monolinguals. My various students who were learning a foreign language have seen an escalation in their overall performance as well. Learning any foreign language can improve verbal and spatial abilities.

Learning new languages promote cross-cultural understanding, French is a gateway to that understanding, and I take pride in being a French Facilitator at Oakridge International School, Mohali. French is the most widely spoken foreign language in 29 countries across the World. As per my observation and the classical studies it is proved that Language and culture are so intertwined that learning a foreign language both builds cultural understanding and provides deep insights into how other people see the world. When you speak to people in their own language you deepen connections and understandings. During my lessons as well, I ensure that students learn the different aspects of diverse cultures of the world. I try building cross-cultural acceptance and respect in their minds and hearts because this is what the world needs.

Exploring new language also make students  globally competitive, giving a boost to their career opportunities. A foreign language understanding is critical as being multilingual can broaden their career options, and students can take benefits from healthcare, education, social work, translation, tourism sectors across the global. In addition to this, speaking a foreign language can makes it easier to be eligible for jobs, internships and work-study programs in other countries. I believe everyone aspires to be a global citizen, without any boundaries to knowledge sharing. So, I try making the best use of NAE Global Campus Opportunities, so that students learn from students of our other sister schools, maybe from a completely different continent.

Teaching and learning should always be a fun!

Sure, there’s a joy that comes from being able to speak in a foreign language as it helps us to discover the differences in how people look at the world. Isn’t it fun to think why dogs say “woof” in English, “wang wang” in Spanish? What’s the right word? The dogs aren’t saying. Every language has its own beauty and which makes it fun for the children to learn. 

Ankita Sehgal

French Facilitator

Oakridge International School, Mohali

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