A future-ready golf star, Hriday is conquering the golfing world at just 8

A future-ready golf star, Hriday is conquering the golfing world at just 8

From a toddler, who with a plastic golf club, mimicking his father’s swing to a WordStar qualifier to Las Vegas, USA in the youngest age group available. Hriday Rialch, an eight-year-old Indian golfer from Chandigarh, first broke 90 shot at the Junior Little Master Golf Tour and holds the T-2 position in boys under 8 event. He has won the under Age 9 division of the Drive, Pitch, and Putt competition, held at the Chandigarh Golf Association (CGA) in Chandigarh. He’s also a winner of the 2nd Inter-School Junior Championship, India in 2019, which was his first major junior tournament, and holds a record of 48 shot for nine holes at 8. Recently, he got interviewed and featured in the prestigious Golf Plus Junior Magazine.

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Being a keen golfer, he has honed his skills with spending hours on the practice range in an attempt to find the perfect swing. “Hriday put in long hours on the range and around the greens, practicing until his young hands could no longer feel the club”, said his father Jitendra Singh Rialch while praising Hriday. It is when he reeled off 4 consecutive wins in junior leagues, he being a child prodigy gained credence. At present, he ranks 2nd in both major championships and Little Junior Masters Golf Tour in Panchkula edition.

Golf star Hriday

At this young age, Hriday seems to know what he wants in life. “I’m going to be professionally excellent”, makes a bold commitment to his father. Hriday Rialch is motivated to become the international golfing superstar and aspires to represent the nation in the Olympic and Asian Games in the future. “The key is a focused mindset, a precise method, and an endless pursuit of mastery”, believes Hriday.

Born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, he started playing golf at the age of 3 (inspired by his father) and later his determination and passion in this sport transform him into an ardent golfer. Now, at just 8, he is a member of Chandigarh Golf Club, CGA Chandigarh, Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, UAE and Little Junior Master Golf Tour, India. Hriday is a student of grade 4 at Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Mohali. He and his parents are overwhelmed from getting the much-needed support from the school. Four-time major winner Hriday is widely considered as one of the youngest and strongest players on the tour. Well, this is just the beginning; a lot of challenges lie ahead for this 8-year-old golfer in the pursuit of his dream.

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