A Welcome Letter to Parents

  • 20 July 2023

Dear Parents,

I am so happy to welcome you to the first Annual Expectation Meet (AEM) for the new academic year.

In this meeting be sure to interact with all the teachers to set goals and expectations for your child’s progress through the academic year. The introductory mail of the new teachers will be sent by the respective coordinators. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to their roles and I am confident they will contribute significantly to the development of our students.

Please also feel free to tour around the school and enjoy the refreshments, clarify any doubts with coordinators or visit the stores for sample uniforms.

The school calendar and book lists are essentials that you must be sure to access. Likewise, make sure your updated contact details are with the school and you have easy access to the school post app. Please do visit the PE department and Music department if you want to encourage your child in any specific area.

I am pleased to share with you that we are welcoming back the primary students to a brand-new jungle gym. This is the place where they slide, glide and climb to their hearts’ content and develop their creative abilities while having a great time.

We have also planned more field trips and exciting events in the school calendar to balance academics and experiential learning. Please save a copy of the school calendar on your phones so that you can plan your holidays accordingly. As you know, school attendance is extremely important for students to succeed so please encourage your child to have 100% attendance. Last year we were flexible with regard to uniforms and attendance as it was a transition year. But this year we want to revive good practices like punctuality and proper grooming as these are important life skills necessary to succeed in life. The respective coordinators will discuss this in greater detail. Please refer to the school code of conduct and parent handbook for more. information.

We already relayed and celebrated the IBDP results and now we are getting set to announce the MYP assessment results, once they are released on 1st August.

I will continue the tradition of coffee meetings as it is a pleasure to interact with you and use your suggestions to continuously improve. The dates are already highlighted in the school calendar for your convenience.

I am travelling on work so won’t be able to meet you all this time but please don’t hesitate to write to me, should you wish to discuss anything.

Wishing you once again a joyful and successful new academic year. As always, I am only an email away.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Pallavi Mishra