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January 2024

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Self-awareness leads the way

A big part of building one’s career is “planning” and for the plan to be successful there are lot of factors involved.

One important factor is self-awareness. An individual with good self-awareness would be decisive and capable of dealing with their decisions’ outcomes.

How do you build self-awareness?

1. Practice writing personal journals on regular basis.

2. Observe your own pattern of managing time.

3. Observe how you are with people.

4. Observe your emotions and how you respond to them.

5. Observe your desire of ideal life.

As a young individual, you can explore information about yourself and not be fixed about it. You are in the process of evolving and building yourself, so contemplate. Seek advice and assistance from your Career Counsellor.

Susmita Bharadwaj
Career Counsellor

Career Corner

for Oakridgers!


24-hr Hackathon

Codefest 7.0


Sustainable Tourism to Urban Transit Solutions

Witnessing original ideas that outsmart AI, Oakridge International School successfully hosted the 7th edition of the Oakridge Codefest, Bengaluru’s largest 24-hour overnight hackathon for secondary students. The event, held on January 20th & 21st, was the confluence of 147 tech enthusiasts, forming 44 teams from 15 schools in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

EYP Tales Spin

As a part of tale spin process, Ms. Ekta took an enriching guest lecture on the artistry of creative story writing. Students were transported into the world of imagination and storytelling as Ms. Ekta shared her expertise and insights. Through her engaging presentation, she encouraged learners to harness their creativity, nudging them to explore uncharted territories of their imagination.

The session was a gateway to honing critical thinking skills, showing how to structure narratives, develop compelling characters, and weave captivating plots. It sparked a newfound enthusiasm among the learners, inspiring them to pen down their stories with fervour and originality.

Shreeja VP
EYP Coordinator

Guest lecture on

Story Writing


Student Led Conference

of MYP learners


Celebrating the culmination of Unit 1

Our recent MYP Student-Led Conference was an extraordinary showcase of our students’ learning journey and achievements in Unit 1 across all subjects.

Our math enthusiasts wove equations into an enchanting performance, proving that math is not just about numbers but can also be an art form. Literary landscapes came to life as our budding storytellers and poets performed scenes and recited verses, bringing their favorite texts to life. The scientific wonders our young minds uncovered were showcased through experiments and demonstrations, capturing the excitement of discovery in the world of science. History came alive as students transported everyone through time, sharing key moments through dramatizations and vivid storytelling. Artistic expressions were on full display as our artists used various mediums to showcase their understanding of art and design.

In addition to the performances, each student had their own dedicated space where they proudly displayed their portfolios. These classroom stations housed detailed presentations, charts, and visual aids that provided an in-depth look at their Unit 1 learnings and accomplishments across the subjects.

Yojna Tamang
Facilitator – Individuals & Societies/History

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