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February 2024

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Are you an MYP5 or DP1 student?

What can you do now, to prepare yourself for an international admission application?

1. Fix two destination countries – not more than that.

2. Get your id proof(s) checked: Name spelling as per MYP5 certificate.

3. Get your passport ready.

4. Get your previous education transcripts and passing certificate documents sorted.

5. Longlist your course/subject area you would like to pursue in your undergraduate degree.

Remember to fix an appointment to meet your Career Counsellor, seated at the coordinator’s office. Keep an eye on the monthly newsletter for more information and tips!

Susmita Bharadwaj
Career Counsellor

Career Corner

for Oakridgers!


CAS trips on



What makes CAS in an IB school unique?

This year the theme of CAS trips was “Open-mindedness” aligning with the IB mission to create “inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world.” MYP 3 students explored Coorg, MYP 4 toured temples at Vijayanagar, (Hampi) and DP 1 visited the Andaman Islands and here are some aspects that make CAS at Oakridge unique:

Soaring high to the future

Our PYP 3 to MYP 2 learners engaged in adventurous activities such as Kayaking, Landroller, Flying fox, Free fall, Tyrolean traverse, Jumaring, Archery, Commando obstacles, Commando net, Commando crawl, Monkey crawl etc. on February 24th & 25th. It was two days of ultimate fun with hot air balloon, campfire, and musical night, adding to the flavour of Leadership and Adventure Camp organised in school.

Annual Leadership &

Adventure Camp


Window to the

World Beyond School


An introduction to professional life

The guest lecture organised for MYP & DP students provided a rare opportunity for students to gain invaluable insights from a seasoned IT industry professional. Ms. Jules, our guest, shared her journey as both a student and a professional, she captivated their interest and gradually garnered their attention.

Drawing from her extensive 15-year tenure in the US and diverse roles within various IT companies, Ms Jules provided illuminating perspectives on essential skills for professional growth and life management.

Ms. Jules wove in insights on organizational structures, workflow management, and the pursuit of a harmonious and balanced life. Her discourse effectively underscored the relevance of these principles to the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, empowering students with practical wisdom to navigate their academic and professional journeys.

Amit Chikkamath
Class Teacher – MYP 1C

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