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December 2023

From The

Principal's Desk


Dear Parent,

Hope you are having a wonderful festive season with your friends and family. I am happy to announce that Oakridge has received the national level Grand Jury Award by Education World. Below is the link to read the update released earlier this month. Wish you all a joyous new year!

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Preparation is the key!

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
-Alexander Graham Bell

For international college/university applications, a personal writeup (either one of “Statement of Purpose”, “Essay” or “Personal Statement”) is necessary. Here are a few key tips in advance:

  • Follow either UK or USA spelling system
  • Write not more than 15-18 words in one sentence
  • Include not more than 200-300 words in one paragraph
  • The month and year must be added for any event or achievement you mention
  • Highlight your personality through words while explaining your achievements
  • Showcase your vocabulary through synonyms instead of repeated words
  • Meeting your Career Counsellor can help you initiate early and be prepared. All the best!

    Susmita Bharadwaj
    Career Counsellor

    Career Corner

    for Oakridgers!


    Interschool Sports

    Phoenix Cup


    Over 300 students from Bengaluru schools participated

    Interschool Sports Fest Phoenix Cup at Oakridge International School Bengaluru witnessed a brilliant showcase of sportsmanship on 15th & 16th December 2023. The event, which featured intense competition in basketball, swimming, and football, brought together multiple teams from 10 schools in Bengaluru.

    “I am very happy to see how various schools comported themselves during fierce competitions,” said Oakridge Principal Pallavi Mishra. She further appreciated the Oakridge coaches for not putting undue pressure on the players.

    Our teachers never stop learning!

    Our IB EYP, PYP, MYP, and DP teachers had a fruitful professional development (PD) week that focused on IB training and teaching practices.

    Mr. Prashant Michael, certified leadership coach facilitated a workshop on Six Thinking Hats, a powerful tool that helps to make better decisions by pushing us out of our habitual ways of thinking. It is based on a concept called “Parallel Thinking” – each thinker expresses his / her thought in parallel with that of others without attacking their thought process.

    There were also Zumba sessions and christmas celebrations that added energy during PD days. We are proud to nurture a culture of togetherness which leads to better collaborative practices.

    Professional Development

    of IB Educators


    Student Led Conference

    of PYP learners


    Open Dialogues, Personal Reflections, Goal Setting

    Student Led Conference (SLC) empowers students to take ownership of their learning journey. Recently, our PYP segment had their SLC in school. Thank you, parents, for the active participation – you strengthen the bond between home and school for our children! Are you a new parent wondering what SLC means? Please see the link below to enrich your knowledge about SLC.

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    See you in 2024 with new stories and updates! Happy New Year!