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August 2023

From The

Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

Within a month of the new academic year, we have already completed full school parent orientations, learning to learn week, and induction of new students and staff. Thank you to all parents for making time for these important interactions which help you to get to know the teachers, curriculum and agree on a progress plan for your child.

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Freedom in every hue!

At Oakridge, every year, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Incredible India Week, a time when our school community comes together to honour and celebrate the spirit of freedom.

With an array of patriotic fervour and vibrant cultural activities, our Independence Day celebrations were beyond the ordinary, instilling a sense of national pride and unity among our students, teachers, and parents.


India Week Celebrations


What is

Learning to Learn week?


Well Begun is Half Done!

To ensure students are well-prepared to navigate the challenges that they may face, we embrace the concept of “Learning-to-Learn Week.” This dedicated week at the beginning of the academic year is designed to equip students with essential skills and strategies to become effective learners. Learning to Learn week empowers students to understand the art of learning and take it forward throughout the year.

Learning-to-Learn Week marks a transformative shift for the students by focusing on the process of learning itself. By imparting essential requirements of ATL skills, concepts, contexts and subject specific assessment criteria, this week equips students with the tools they need to excel academically and beyond. As students embrace the new academic year, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment from various sessions like wellness, tech savvy, academic integrity, service as action—one that is nurtured by the foundation laid during Learning-to-Learn Week.

Radha K T
MYP Language & Literature Facilitator

Our Parents Enhance the Learning Journeys

Our parents actively participate in the learning journey of our IB learners. It was really captivating to witness the children’s enthusiasm throughout the PYP storytelling sessions. Parents brought props and made presentations with illustrations to enhance the experience of storytelling. Not only did our learners joyfully listen, but they even elevated the sessions through their reflection by brainstorming various possible endings to the story. Children were really excited to give and receive personalized takeaways at the end of sessions.

Storytelling sessions

with Parents


Train up a Child

When Young


Essential Agreements on Good Manners

Our EYP teachers formed their class agreements along with the children. Learners demonstrated their understanding of how actions impact others, how to cooperate, and how to show kindness to others:

  • What behaviours help other people to feel good?
  • What to do when someone is hurt?
  • What words to use if you need someone’s help?
  • What are the best ways to conduct ourselves?
  • Together our teachers and learners formed some important essential agreements. They agreed that they will:

  • Always help each other
  • Use magic words like “sorry, thank you, excuse me”
  • Wait for our turn and
  • Show kindness to everyone around us
  • Shraddha Upadhyay
    Homeroom Teacher – EYP 1A

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