Principal Updates April 2022

  • 14 April 2022

University Placements and Career Counselling

In the words of Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

At Oakridge International School, it is our continuous endeavor to achieve excellence in the field of academics, whilst also nurturing young learners and promoting the good ethos, and upholding the values, mission, and vision of the school. I have never felt more proud of our students, so I take this space to shine the limelight on some of the outstanding College and University placements that our Oakridgers have received so far.

Success, as they say, is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out, and so Oakridgers begin planning for the future right from their initial years of Grade 8 when they are made to work, study, play, and practice, and develop collectively. The journey commences with interactions of our young adults with the Principal, Academic Coordinator, and Career Counsellor during their subject selection process after Grade 10. In-depth discussions about the individual passions and aspirations of the students are taken into consideration during the guidance process to advise students on the best possible subjects to choose in Grade 11 and eventually towards the university application. 

This year, as always, the college application process started in October 2021 with the career counselor having a one-to-one session with our graduating class, wherein she gave the students a brief insight into their prospects and motivated them to research and explore career possibilities. Students then put a lot of time and effort into their university applications by writing personal statements and supplementary essays. Teachers gave their support by writing letters of recommendation for students. The career counselor then followed up with students, reviewed their statements and essays, prepared transcripts, and verified applications to be sure that they are the strongest possible and most timely applications that we can generate for our students. Acceptance of our students into their dream colleges and universities is a combined result of such efforts throughout their high school.

This year, our school, which is a regional center for the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test) exam, witnessed history in making when our students topped the global charts in the SAT exams. I am proud to share that three of our students, Prakeerthi S, Shritan B, and Varshita have performed exceptionally well in the SAT exams. Prakeerthi (IBDP) with a score of 1560 out of 1600, Shritan B (IBDP) with a record score of 1570 out of 1600, and Varshitha (CBSE) with a score of 1550 out of 1600 have earned their places in the top 99+ percentile ranks worldwide. 

Armed with the knowledge of excellent choices of best-fit colleges, supported with successful completion of the applications, our students have made sound decisions while selecting their career paths and were expertly supported by the Senior Leadership Team, Program Coordinators, Career Counsellor, and Subject professionals. The University Placements this year have been extremely pleasing and reflect the true academic abilities of our students. I am extremely delighted and proud to share that our Graduating Class of 2022 has received placements in top universities. Our student Prakeerthi studying in the IB Diploma Programme has made it to the most prestigious Stanford University that is among the top three universities in the world.  It is with extreme exaltation, that I take the privilege of congratulating Prakeerthi for this Success and  each one of our students who have received acceptance letters from a minimum of 3 Universities and Colleges (on average). To mention a few offers received so far :  University of Manchester, University of Melbourne, Purdue University, Trinity College – Dublin, University of Bath, University of Alberta, IIAD Kingston University London, Flame and Christ  University in India. 

The educational experience offered at Oakridge nurtures talent and provides the space for exploration so that our students feel empowered to cross horizons to reach for their dreams. We have students who have applied to some of the well-known Indian colleges: Symbiosis, NMIMS, Ashoka and VIT . A few of our Grade 12 students are also gearing up to take the entrance exams in the fields of Fashion Designing, Architecture, Law, NEET, and JEE. Our CBSE Grade 12 students are gearing up for the All India Senior school certificate Examinations (AISSCE)commencing on 07 May, 2022 and our IBDP Students for their final examinations that begin on 28 April, 2022. 

Please join us in wishing all of them and our future applicants all the success in their academic journey and beyond.


Shaila Bhamidipati