Principal Desk Update April 2022

  • 11 April 2022

Dear Parents

It has been a month of new beginnings, hope, and joy. After two years we are back to a position where the majority of our students are attending in-person school.

It is indeed a joyful experience to see and hear the children. The transition to in-person school needs a re-orientation to many practices that define our school. I am happy to share that the theme for this academic session is ‘Staying Ahead’. Our Pedagogical Leadership Team and key position holders have participated in the high level Regional Conference around this theme. We made extremely good progress in the pandemic and we aim to Stay Ahead! You will be hearing more about this in coming days.

As a school we firmly believe in Respect: respecting personal space, respecting others’ property, respecting feelings, respecting all viewpoints and perspectives. With this in mind we are re-launching the ‘I-Respect Campaign’ for grades 4-12. The months of April and May will see deliberations about the Essential Agreements in classes and revisiting the School Code of Conduct. Once we are ready to roll out the Code of Conduct, I look forward to involving the parent community in the same, as was done in the pre-pandemic days.

I would also like to draw your attention to our belief in social impact and giving back. The teachers will be discussing the ‘Birthday Policy’ in class and we will share the same with you. Let us share our happiness and abundance with children and others who need it more than we do. Let us make our birthday a day to give back as we celebrate our joys.

We are happy to launch the Intel AI Youth Program for our secondary segment. The aim of this initiative is to demystify AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the youth and empower students with a tech mindset and relevant skill-set to make them future-ready. You will hear more about this in the coming days.

Movement and change are a part of life. A few of our teachers have moved on and our best wishes are with them as they move on. We are also happy to welcome our new teachers. I want to reiterate our commitment to high-quality teaching-learning as well as safety. All our staff follows the Safeguarding norms of Nord Anglia Education over and above being well qualified trained.

We are also re-launching the ‘Oakbridgers’ initiative (Oakridge Parent Partnership). I will be connecting with you in the coming days to seek your involvement as partners in all our school initiatives. I look forward to working along with the community to take the school forward.

April is a month of festivals and I wish you and your family happiness and good health. Stay safe and stay happy!

Kind regards

Ramanjit Ghuman