IBDP – Club

  • 21 October 2021

Anyone who has enjoyed campus life at University can recall an activity club or two that was crucial in shaping their college experience!  Student-run clubs offer a variety of benefits in student development such as the opportunity to step out, to make new friends and to work with teams of near peers, the experience of handling real-life leadership responsibilities, the ability to manage and balance time between academic and extracurricular commitments and so on.  Our IBDP students are elated to share that they have launched several exciting, fun-filled and well-organised Clubs for their peers and juniors alike. 

The Science Club led by the dynamic and enthusiastic group of students will allow participants to tap into their inner passion for science. The club is centred around STEM-related activities  such as interactive debates, discussions, and quizzes, experiments and projects that will excite just about anyone.

The Book Club will help inculcate a habit of reading in the members where they will discuss various viewpoints, perspectives, opinions and takeaways from books, hence enabling them to look at a book, or an idea, or a text through different perspectives and learn lessons they otherwise would have overlooked.

The Art Club will be a place for students to practice their art skills such as Calligraphy, Pencil drawing and Origami and to develop new techniques and styles of their own. Students will collaborate with other artists like themselves, create a community where they would learn to work as one through group activities and by helping each other.

Initiatives such as these are an enriching experience for the students and sure to create great memories of school-life. 


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