Aspiring children to do their best, in spite of the adversities

  • 25 February 2022

Children grow by perceiving knowledge from the atmosphere around them. Blessed are the children whose parents and educators identify the strengths of their children at a tender age and create milestones in their path to success. Parents and teachers need to nurture several aspects related to education, and not just the academic outcomes. In the wide spectrum of teaching and learning, one of the most significant aspects in Art education. 

Thoughts related to emotions, nature, culture, history, etc. can be depicted well by the creative hands of an artist. One such artist is Kanika Chaturvedi, a boarding student of Oakridge Visakhapatnam. She has honed her passion for painting at Oakridge, with the support of teachers and friends, to create works of her interest.   


“Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam provides an excellent platform for its students to explore their inherent creative talents. With its unique partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, and an exclusive ‘Global Campus’ network of more than 66,000+ students in 31 countries, opportunities are unlimited for Oakridgers”, explains Amit Jain, School Director. Under the guidance of professional teachers, students are encouraged to sharpen their skills at various National and Global Competitions.   

“I am an aspiring Fashion Designer and a grade 12 boarding student at Oakridge, Visakhapatnam. I have recently published my second book, KANIKA’S CATALOGUE”, proudly says Kanika. Her book is a compilation of forecasts, of what she believes will be widely popular among shoppers in the year 2022. It includes a collection of myriad artworks ranging from paper art, accessories, portraits, wall hangings designs, to traditional art. “The notion behind this is to share my artworks globally, make people understand the significance of art, and inspire them to be their best”, adds Kanika with a twinkle in her eyes. She is now busy with her third project which will be showcasing the varied and colorful Indian culture and traditions.  

Ms.Shaila Bhamidipati, School Principal, says “Passion fuels purpose, when a child’s dreams are anchored to a clear vision and driven by their interests. They will be motivated to work harder to make those dreams come true. At Oakridge Visakhapatnam Boarding, we foster an environment in which every child is valued and has confidence to achieve their best. Children feel empowered knowing they have people around them who believe that they can accomplish their dreams. Congratulations to our young author Kanika. I am extremely proud of her accomplishment and amazed by her incredible passion in what she does. I sincerely thank her parents and teachers for being instrumental in encouraging and supporting Kanika achieve her dreams”. 



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