5 Things to consider before enrolling your kid in an early year school

  • 15 September 2022

Children between the ages of 2.5 and 8 might seem like they are at the beginning of their life’s journey. But the fact is, more than 85 percent of their brain development happens in this time. Indeed, UNESCO says these early years are very crucial for their health and development.

“Being a mother, I know what parents feel when sending their kids to school. There are a lot of things we consider and check before sending our child, especially to preschool”, says Dimple Thompson, Early Years Head, Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam, who has nearly three decades of experience in the field of early years education. She sets out to explain about five things to consider while enrolling kids to preschool.

Security and Trust

Sending a child out of home for the first time can be quite overwhelming for parents as well as children. Kids may have to deal with separation and stranger anxiety. Even parents keep getting anxious about their child, wondering if he/she is safe or not. Some questions you need to ask are – Are the staff verified and suitable to work with young children, the type of security practices in place, CCTV cameras etc.

World Class Teachers

Caring and qualified teachers should be the utmost priority for any school. Preschool being an important phase in kid’s life, so teachers must be highly qualified and skilled. However, sometimes the most qualified teacher cannot guide and teach each kid when she is outnumbered. Along with 1:15 teacher-student ratio Oakridge teachers use specialized Ed-Tech tools to deliver personalized learning.

Academic Engagement

Parents expect children to return from school with a lot of new knowledge and stories to share. Hence, during the admissions process, inquire about the school’s curriculum, affiliation to boards, teaching methodology, and the range of activities available. Oakridge International School is one among the handful of schools in India, that offers Cambridge Early Years Program.


Extra-curricular activities help kids boost their confidence, develop social skills, and provide them with new abilities. Above all, they offer young minds an important space to have fun and relax. While looking for a preschool, check if the school offers extracurricular activities like sensory experiences, water activities, and sand play, to name a few.


A child’s learning through smart TVs and blackboard should not be the primary focus while looking out for a preschool. You must also check for factors like how child-friendly the school is. Children don’t like going to a school where they are stuck at a school for 3-5 hours with no space to play or have fun.

So, when you’re looking for the best kindergarten school in Visakhapatnam make sure to look for a school which is built on the above five pillars. Give your child the best start and ensure his/her journey is safe and secured.

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