13th Annual Day celebrations at Oakridge International School urge people to protect and preserve mother nature .

  • 1 February 2022

It’s our responsibility to respect and care for this beautiful place we get to call home. Regrettably , Earth hasn’t received enough love leading to climate change which is, very real. 

‘Prakruti’ was aimed at spreading awareness and informing people about the crisis in the deep ocean. The musical festival ventured into the problems that human civilizations have been causing over the last few decades and critically examined the role of children in fixing this horrendous issue.

The students at Oakridge International School urged people to show love to mother nature as they began the three day long celebration of school’s 13th Annual Day which was aptly christened Prakruthi. Mr Amit Jain, the School Director reminded and insisted upon, us being the last generation who can prevent irreparable damage to our planet, as warned by UN General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés.  

 The students used various forms of expression to spread awareness to take action to protect our planet. A visual arts exhibition, inaugurated by Shri Sistla Srinivas, Dept of Fine Arts, Andhra University,displayed traditional art forms like Warli and Madhubani were used to depict the beauty of Earth. Contemporary Pop art display added the dash of colors to the exhibition. An hour-long Musical and Choir composed by the teachers, portrayed by the students, represented the beauty of nature and how we can live in harmony with it.  

The Chief Guest on day 1, Dr. G.Lakshmisha, Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, addressed to the gathering and spoke about the future of a nation led by today’s young students virtually.

Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal, Oakridge International School, presented the Annual Report and highlighted the overall growth and development of the school, despite one of the most challenging years in the history. The students’ academic, social, sports, music, performing and visual arts achievements were applauded. Students who were offered scholarships in top Indian and Foreign universities were recognized for their dedication. The support from parents and teachers was a rock bed of the success of their children and school.  


The Chief Guest on day 2, Mr P. Vimaladitya, IPS, Superintendent of Police CBI , Vizag  expressed his solidarity in the mission of ‘Prakruti’. He said that the students of the school had taken up a grave topic and that it indeed needed our intervention as a society. In his valuable address to the gathering, he spoke about the future of a nation led by the little ones. He motivated the children to grab every opportunity that came their way as it was truly the only way to make a better place to live in.

He urged that parents and society should take highest responsibility in preparing the students to face success and failure with ease. He also mentioned that along with parents, the community, peer groups & relatives so take a major part in shaping the positive mind set among the students. He mentioned that today’s students with all the facilities available at hand are still struggling to the face small challenges & difficulties. It is ours and parent’s responsibility should take responsibility by giving them enough & shape then in a positive way to face the future challenges.

The beginning of the cultural program was a pious and humble one with classical dance performances followed by lamp lighting and the junior Choir. The major cultural event was a musical play based on the Theme Prakruti- Love for nature. Together with the melodies, the event served a platter of exotic dance performances by the students of primary school. The hour-long play was a brief flash into of how to preserve the Ocean World and love nature.

Let’s take a step towards saving the environment and make our country, our world once again ‘shashyashamala’. 



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