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Oakridge Student Wellbeing Club

  • 16 November 2021

Wellbeing Club 

Education is a powerful agent of change, and improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth so why not educate our children about mental health?

Schools are an ideal place to provide mental and behavioural health services to children. Keeping this in mind our Principal Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati led a team of Students and teacher into her dream project and successfully launched, “OISV Wellbeing Club” at Oakridge International School Vishakhapatnam.

Definition of wellbeing

  • Feeling good and functioning effectively
  • Having the skills to respond to challenges and setbacks
  • Having a positive sense of self, positive connection with others and with the wider world.

The Vision of the club is to Ensure every child’s wellbeing by laying emphasis on mental health and behaviour.

The Club is totally dedicated towards students, so they could really introspect on their own mind and learn to reorient themselves towards a healthier life, rife with happiness, contentment and joy.

The foundations of wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do at Oakridge Vishakapatnam. These foundations of wellbeing are intrinsically valuable. By openly exploring and teaching wellbeing to our students, we’re able to develop our school’s culture and ethos to create an environment that ensures our students thrive academically, and beyond the classroom. 

Our specialist school student counsellor Ms. Keerthana is available to provide emotional and social support to students when they need it. 

In order to create an optimal learning environment, it is essential that children are happy, healthy and safe. We are firmly committed to creating a space that fosters students’ social, emotional and physical wellbeing so they can achieve their full potential. 


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