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Importance of Blended Learning in the Era of Digital Education

  • 31 October 2022

Education in the 21st century is no longer just about putting pen to paper and memorizing facts. With the development of technology, the education system is under the process of revamping. Especially during the COVID pandemic, teaching has undergone a significant transformation with the widespread adoption of digital technology and easy access to the internet. This rapidly changing landscape should serve as a reminder that traditional teaching methods must evolve to keep up. We need to incorporate integrated technologies into the learning model. One such learning model which makes learning simple, easier, and effective is blended learning.


What is Blended Learning?


UGC defines blended learning as “the term given to the educational practice of combining digital learning tools with more traditional classroom face to face teaching.” In other words, blended learning, also known as flipped classroom learning, is a teaching method that combines technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities, allowing students to tailor their learning experiences.


Why is Blended Learning Important?


This type of learning is important for students because it combines the best of traditional and digital learning methods. While classroom learning is necessary for overall discipline, online learning allows students to personalize their education. Like all the fingers of one hand are not the same, all students are not the same. Along with traditional chalk and board teaching when students get an additional digital support. They learn according to their own pace and schedule ensuring that they fully understand new concepts before undergoing the pressure of moving on.


Role of the teacher in Blended Learning Environment


Blended learning or a flipped classroom transforms the teacher’s role from a knowledge provider to a coach and mentor. This shift does not imply that teachers are less important or play a passive role in their students’ education. It provides an appropriate balance between online instruction, which offers interactive, technology-based learning, individualized pacing, and privacy to keep students engaged and motivated, and teacher-led instruction, which personalises the learning experience and adds the human elements of encouragement, compassion, and caring guidance that only teachers can provide.


Through this mixed learning environment teachers have the opportunity to deepen and strengthen student – teacher relationships as a result of more frequent and personal interaction with individual students. The trust that comes with close relationships provide teachers with insights into their students’ personal struggles and needs, empowering teachers to comfort and coach students through challenges that frequently serve as barriers to learning.


At Oakridge teachers have always made sure that blending learning has been in practice. We believe that every student deserves to learn in an environment they can succeed in; technology ensures that inclusion is the baseline rather than a luxury. Students at Oakridge along with the classroom teaching also have access to learn through Scratch Jr, Century Tech, Interactive Display Panels. They additionally have access to the Global Campus where they get an opportunity to connect with 78000 students across 81 Nord Anglia Schools in 32 countries.


How Does Blended Learning help Students


This new learning dynamic benefits students and teachers alike. Here is how this methodology of learning helps student:

  • Increase student interest: When technology is integrated into school lessons, students are more likely to be interested in, focused on, and excited about the subjects they are studying. Apart from that when they get to learn at their own pace and understand concepts. It develops confidence in the child making him show interest towards learning.

  • Instill a disposition of self-advocacy: Students become self-driven and responsible, tracking their individual accomplishments, which aids in the development of the ability to find the resources or get the help they require so they can achieve their goals.

  • Prepares students for the future: Blended learning offers a multitude of real-world skills that directly translate into life skills from the research works, self learning, computer literacy  etc, which help students become future ready. 

  • Enhances communication: This technology-infused learning allows students to easily communicate with their teachers and parents about their assignments, announcements, test results, or anything else they may need to know, and it makes assessment and evaluation more personalized and effective.

  • Helps in overall development: In this hybrid learning model the extracurricular and other hands-on activities assist students in effectively developing their social persona, and online learning provides a wider selection of content and information they require for the overall physical and psychological development of their personality.
Ms. Lydia Christina
Head of Primary

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