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6 Golden Virtues to Develop Global Citizenship

  • 28 February 2023

We all live in a world which is very closely connected – Global Village, a term coined by Marshall McLuhan. Thanks to the improvement in science and technology we have a knowledge revolution underway today in this Global village. We have not only explored the secrets of the earth but also many wonders of this universe. We have become the most powerful and invincible generation the world has ever seen. With so much of success and power comes a greater amount of responsibility.


Knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand. The harmonious growth of knowledge and wisdom is quintessential. But is it happening? Variance between the growth of knowledge and wisdom might be harmful to our very existence. The world with the formidable intellectuality needs progressive, broad minded, wise, compassionate and tolerant global citizens. 


The present generation students not only need a greater amount of knowledge but also the wisdom, to use their knowledge responsibly and constructively. There is a greater responsibility on teachers and parents in making the students the global citizens. 


UNICEF defines Global Citizens as persons who understand interconnectedness, value and respect diversity, take action in meaningful ways, and has the ability to challenge injustice.  A global citizen transcends political borders and assumes that the rights and responsibilities can be derived from being a citizen of the world. 


Modern global citizens have ethical, moral, political and economic responsibilities, and have a desire to contribute to communities and the world at large in a positive way in order to improve the lives of others. Global citizenship can be developed through these 6 golden virtues. 


1. Respect other’s perspective:

A global citizen respects and values other’s perspectives on any given topic or an issue basing on the cultural and ethnic practices present in their countries. The cultural diversity must be respected and admired. The best practices can be adopted without prejudice and discrimination. 


2. Be compassionate:

Empathy and compassion are the most desirable qualities of the present day. It’s quite imperative to care for the fellow human beings, flora and fauna to be able to sustain on this earth. Its important we understand the value of every living being and the need to care and nurture them. 


3. Build healthy relationship:

Having a healthy relationship with the people of various regions will help us improve socially and economically. Learning and understanding the issues and finding the solutions through collaboration and mutual understanding will help the future leaders solve the common problems. 


4. Understand the global issues:

The world, like a spider’s web is closely connected. Anything that happens in one part of it, will have its effect on all of us. So having a comprehensive understanding of the issue, its effects across and finding out the solution through collaboration and mutual support will be very essential for a healthy future. 

5. Believe in global equity and justice:

It’s necessary to understand that all people have equal rights. Any form of deprivation of rights is unjust. We shouldn’t be biased by caste, creed, gender and age. Live and let live should be our motto.


6.Work for Global peace:

Maintaining world peace is the basis for our existence. Any decision that affects a wider community, which may impair the peace and cause destruction must be taken with a great consideration.


Global citizenship at Oakridge: 

Oakridge International School, a part of the Nord Anglia Education, is committed to the promotion of international mindedness among its students. A lot of curricular and the co-curricular activities are in practice to develop Oakridgers as Global Citizens. One such practice is Global Campus. It’s an online platform through which students collaborate and learn about the culture, tradition and ethnicity of their fellow students across 32 countries. Understand their issues compassionately and build healthy long-term relationships.


Oakridgers develop an understanding of global challenges through UNICEF. Share A Dream program encourages students to work for their community and bring about a change. Students develop empathy and compassion for their fellow beings; especially children in the community and understand the need and urgency for an immediate and concrete action. The school has been working progressively (and will continue to) and has been successful in creating awareness among its students and community at large.


“The Earth is but one Country and Mankind its Citizens – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” 


Ms. Madhuri Gupta

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