Principal’s Update Feb 2022

  • 15 February 2022

Imparting Social Responsibility – A Continuous Conscious Effort by Oakridge 

Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam encourages our students to be active and socially aware in their community. There are many ways in which students can spread positivity and influence change. Even being a student, while taking baby steps, they can surely make it happen. Their participation in solving social problems has the power to promote personal and collective identity. They may be aware of different measures and ways to help, but the question is if they have the right platform?

At Oakridge, we provide opportunities for our students to get involved in a number of community projects and services to help support various social causes. Thus educating students about social responsibilities and raising their awareness about the local community and environment. We look forward to all the student-led communities or CAS projects that were so passionately driven by students, impacting the UNSDG number 1,2,4,14 and 15.

Our passion lies at equipping our students with the necessary skills and values, knowledge and confidence to take on the ever-changing world in the 21st century.

Small actions lead to big and positive changes in the society. In that regard, I am happy to bring you a quick summary of all that we have done as a School to make a small difference in our local community and beyond.

Oakridgers Contribute to Make a Difference

Our students have an opportunity to expand their perspectives and connect across the world with the outstanding collaborations we have. They have efficaciously taken a large step under the ‘Save our Beaches’ initiative, in association with the non-profit corporation, Ocean Conservancy,  based in Washington D.C, USA. They have successfully collected 140 kG of plastic, paper and other garbage, which could have ended up in our marine ecosystem.

On the World Elephant Day, our school has taken a step to organize a fundraising activity to support the Elephant Lakshmi of the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam. Many of our students contributed and collectively donated a good sum of money to the zoo authority for the rehabilation and care of Lakshmi.

Our students have also taken an initiative by donating unused meal plates to Government school students, who are in need of them. We believe that this is a great way to foster empathy and gratitude amongst them. ‘Food Mela’ was another such fundraising activity organized by our Grades 5 – 12   students where they donated  the proceeds from their sale towards charity.  

Oakridgers Volunteering for a Cause

“When a girl is educated, she empowers her society. I believe in the power of small change – every single rupee makes a difference” says Aasritha our IBDP student. She’s a Habitat Champion raising over 5 times her target supporting the ‘StayAtSchool Campaign’ by Habitat for Humanity, India. Five of our IBDP year1 students have been among the top 5 fundraisers for this week. It is heartening and reassuring to see such sincere involvement by them.

Lastly, I would like to mention about the Book Donation Drive where our students donated gently used books to the students of nearby government schools. 

The main objective of the School’s volunteering and community projects is to educate our students to have compassion for others, understanding the community and the environment and its relationship to students’ social responsibilities. Within the broad-based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to our students to develop and assess their essential 21st century skills-critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, flexibility of approach, collaboration, empathy and the grit in the face of challenges.


Shaila Bhamidipati