The Successful Second Virtual PYP Exhibition at Oakridge, Mohali

  • 29 December 2021

Oakridge, being the pioneer in leading current trends in Education, was the first to conduct a virtual PYP Exhibition last year in the Tricity area. Once again they have braved the winds of uncertainty by successfully conducting the second virtual PYP Exhibition.

This rewarding culmination of the PYP journey is one of a kind experience for the grade 5 learners, as this year learning happened through hybrid models as well as models. The curious learners worked in teams to inquire about how systems are organized around us. They inquired about how the EdTech systems, Government systems, Economic systems, and Social welfare systems have helped in organizing the society as well as how they have evolved during recent times to match the needs of the community.

Students from the Social Welfare team, took two actions: firstly, a donation box was set up on the school campus for resource collection for under-privileged children and elders. Secondly, our students advocated for social welfare organizations like Smile Foundation, Khalsa Aid, Rainforest Alliance, Redcross, and Friendicoes, etc. to push their visibility on social media platforms in 3 different languages (Punjabi, English, and French).

As part of the Government Systems group, our students performed a Street Play to generate awareness on importance of vaccination, and also collect data to make vaccination accessible to domestic helpers. Secondly, students initiated a petition for voting rights to not only domiciles but residents of a particular area as well.


Our Economic Systems Team encouraged the audience to buy Made in India products through street play to contribute to the Indian Economy.


Our last team- the Ed Tech group focused on generating awareness and promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music). 


As the groups dived into in-depth inquiry, they demonstrated their voice and choice in designing their learning engagements and directing their inquiry. Parent mentors arranged for virtual guest lectures inviting field experts who shared first-hand information with the learners. Learners made connections to real-world scenarios and brainstormed for ideas to solve the problems. They are striving to take action by advocating for organizations through powerful social media platforms.


While sharing his experience of the PYP Exhibition, Sarvashay Patiyal has mentioned that PYP Exhibition offered him the opportunity to show the skills and attributes that he has been developing and chiseling through all these years of his study in PYP. Jaskaran Singh added that the guidance from the mentors and consistent support from the community has enabled him in expanding his horizon of knowledge about systems and organization. Such committed efforts of the learners were highly appreciated by parents, mentors, and all visitors who participated in this virtual PYP Exhibition.


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