Innovators of Tomorrow: Oakridgers digging deep into Technology and Science

  • 19 May 2022

“Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Our students gave shape to their dreams and thoughts on Technology via a plethora of innovative activities and celebrated National Technology Day for a whole week.

Remembering Pokhran Nuclear test conducted on 11th May, 1998- every year this day is celebrated as National Technology Day. This year the theme was ‘An Integrated Approach to Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future’.

The little ones in the primary segment started their day with a dance performance on the ‘Technology song’ energizer, learning by watching age-specific technology-related videos and at last they surprised everyone by creating innovative posters and presentations. Every child connected to the day in different way.

In senior segment, Grade 6 Students did Show and tell on the topic ‘Technology Now and Then’ in which they brought various gadgets used at home like watches, landlines phones, calculators, traditional cameras, iPods, kindle, web cam etc. and shared how the Technology has also gone through the process of evolution, and it creates a difference in our daily lives. Few students also presented- How Technology has impacted the advertisement industry.

Grade 7 students tried their hands on automation and circuits building using sensors, breadboard and Arduino programming, and EV4 Lego kits. Grade 8 and 9 students combined research with creativity. as they represented the facts and research evidences in the form of ‘Newspaper clippings’ using software tools and Collages. They referred to topics like Women in Science, Technology in Sports, Technology in Education, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Drones and its usage etc.

Grade 10 brainstormed and submitted their reflections on Technology and its impact on our business and Economy. Grade 12 students presented a whole school assembly, where they educated everyone on the relevance of the day and India’s achievements in the sphere of technology.

Principal Ms. Ramanjit Ghuman quotes “We want our children to imagine a world of infinite possibilities. Our students are our future scientists, researchers, developers, programmers, and innovators. Our collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and STEAM projects on Nord Anglia’s Global Campus allows our students to learn from the world’s finest experts and collaborate students across the globe on real life challenges.”

This story got featured in various eminent newspapers like Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Savera, Punjab Kesri and Punjabi Jagran:

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