Rupa Bhowmick

  • 8 January 2024

Meet Rupa Bhowmick, the IBDP Coordinator at Oakridge International School, Mohali, bringing 23 years of rich experience to our educational community. As an IBEN member, curriculum developer, Principal examiner, and Microsoft expert educator, Ms. Bhowmick’s commitment to excellence is evident, complemented by her certificate in School Leadership and Management (CSML) from Harvard.

Passionate about IB Standards and Practices, Ms. Bhowmick actively advocates for student-faculty development initiatives, aiming to enhance academics, strengthen teaching abilities, and foster community engagement. Her approach involves empowering students with challenges that extend beyond the classroom, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Ms. Bhowmick, a lifelong learner, is dedicated to bringing about educational change and assisting students in achieving their goals. Drawing inspiration daily from her commitment to inspire the team to reach exceptional potential, Ms. Bhowmick’s philosophy underscores the transformative power of education through the collaboration of dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents. Join us in welcoming Ms. Rupa Bhowmick, a driving force behind Oakridge’s commitment to educational excellence and transformative learning.

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