Ravi Khurana

  • 8 January 2024

Meet Mr. Ravi Khurana, Head of Operations at Oakridge Mohali. With 15 years of experience and an MBA in Operations and MSc. in Hospitality, Mr. Khurana brings a wealth of expertise to our school. He is an integral part of the POSH and DSL Committee, contributing significantly to the welfare and safety of our school community. His commitment to child welfare is evident in his focus on creating a nurturing culture for both staff and students.

Under Mr. Khurana’s leadership, we have witnessed notable advancements, including the upgradation of campus infrastructure, transportation, implementation of EdTech, Cloud Computing, and initiatives to enhance accessibility, such as the installation of lifts. His dedication extends beyond academics, emphasizing the importance of safety and security within our school community.

As a leader, Mr. Khurana embraces an open-for-feedback philosophy, considering constructive input as a valuable opportunity for growth. He is self-motivated, committed to excellence, and believes that punctuality is the cornerstone of efficient and effective operations. Together, we strive for continuous improvement and success in our shared educational journey. Join us in creating a secure environment that fosters learning and well-being at Oakridge.

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