Rajat Khurana

  • 8 January 2024

Rajat Khurana is a seasoned professional with a background in Electronics and Communication, holding a Masters of Technology. His achievements include being honored with the Business Impact Award from the Nord Anglia Education Society. Additionally, Rajat serves as a dedicated member of the POSH Committee.

Choosing the education industry as a profession has been a deeply rewarding and impactful decision for Rajat. Driven by personal passion and a commitment to societal contribution, he aspires to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

As the Head of Marketing and Communications, Rajat follows a life philosophy centered around staying positive. In the midst of the daily hustle and bustle, maintaining a positive mindset becomes a crucial factor for overall well-being and success.

Rajat believes in the power of being a good listener. Beyond merely hearing words, listening involves understanding, empathy, and active engagement. A proficient listener possesses the ability to connect with others on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships and creating a positive impact both personally and professionally. In a world filled with constant noise, Rajat considers the art of being a good listener as a beacon of genuine human connection.

Connect with Rajat Khurana and the Oakridge leadership team as they lead the way in providing quality education and fostering meaningful connections.

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