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‘The Next’: February Edition of The Oak Times

  • 6 March 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to present the second issue of The Oak Times, titled “The Next” This issue celebrates development in all of its manifestations and provides an in-depth look at the exciting possibilities of the future.

Our cover article contains a comprehensive examination of Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence model at the cutting edge of language technology. We exhaustively investigate the ramifications of these developing technologies and hypothesis extensively on what the future of AI may bring.

Another cover article is one that provides an in-depth look of the Football Club Arsenal, which appears poised to become the world’s top football club over the next few seasons. The future is incredibly bright for Arsenal and its passionate, dedicated fans around the globe.

We also feature the Class of 2023 as they graduate from high school and begin new chapters in their life full of possibilities for growth, learning, discovery, and adventure. Despite the fact that the path ahead is long and winding, with many twists and turns, we have no doubt that the class of 2023 will rise to meet each challenge and achieve great things. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

The Oak Times is issued by The Journalism Club and given that the theme of this issue paper is ‘The next’ this is an excellent opportunity to inform you that the Yearbook for the academic year 2023-2024 is the next step for this student-led club.

While The Oak Times is now a well-established newspaper, we intend to keep developing, changing, and expanding with each new issue. We see each month as a new beginning, giving you the most recent global news, in-depth stories, and predictions for the future.

We hope you like this sneak peek at what is yet to come!

The Next- The Oak Times.pdf

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