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Investiture Ceremony 2022: Oakridge International School Mohali

  • 12 May 2022

“Leadership is not a title, it is a role that demands active action. Once you imbibe this trait you will learn to cherish every step you take, under its mighty shade.”

Investiture, a formal process of investing in a person with authority, power, right, and dignity. It is one of the most important ceremonies of the school, also, it has been a traditional feature of Oakridge International School, Mohali. After a span of two years we feel privileged to organize this ceremony in the school premises.

Apart from the student council performing their responsibilities efficiently, we also have our I Respect Ambassadors who take the onus of inculcating respect, empathy and compassion amongst the school community: Ashmita and Aryaveer from Grade 6; Inayat , Rishi, Sheryl, Rehan and Aanya from Grade 7; Divyansh and Amitoj from Grade 8; Anshika from Grade 9; and Krivi, Mitansh and Kshaunish from Grade 10.

Rushil Verma of Grade 10A to take the charge of making a change, in collaboration with the entire school fraternity as the UNICEF Ambassador.

To instill the vigor of being a global citizen in everyone, Tejasvi of Grade 9A takes the responsibility of being the GC Ambassador.

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. There is incredible value in being of service to others. With this suggestive thought we have as our Share A Dream Ambassadors (CAS): Jashanpreet  and Bhai Prakash from Grade 5 representing the Primary Segment and from the secondary Segment we have Keshavi from Grade 6, Aarna from Grade 7, Mannat from Grade 7, and Eti from Grade 8.

Ambassadors of the Primary Student Council are: Navya, Viaan, Praneel and Fatehjot of Grade 4, and Sabeer and Suveer of Grade 5.



The Ambassadors representing the four houses from the Secondary Segment: Ira of Grade 7 and Angel of Grade 8 from Mozart House; Kanav of Grade 8 and Zinia of Grade 8 from Pascal House; Sabreen of Grade 7 and Roop Kaur of Grade 8 from Picasso House; and Nishika of Grade 7 and Aarav Rao of Grade 7 from Shakespeare House.

Stepping ahead to our House Captains, we have Shruti of Grade 10 A to take charge of the Mozart House, Rehnaaz of Grade 10 A to head the Pascal House, Riddima of Grade 10 A to lead the Picasso House, and Aseem of Grade 10 A to lead the Shakespeare House.

Arts and activities are essential elements of education. Just like reading, writing and arithmetic… music, dance, painting and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishments. With this thought we have Bisman of grade 9A as our Activity Captain for the session 2022-23.

Intelligence and skills function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong. To sow the seed of encouragement and love for Physical education amongst the students we have our PE Captain, Sukhman of grade 10J.

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in education is essential for the holistic development of every individual that is associated with the school community and thrives to make a difference in the outer world. Living this thought and taking action upon the same, our previous year’s student council along with the EDI champs came up with a gender neutral position of ‘President’ as a replacement of Head boy/ Head girl.



So, welcoming our Presidents for the current academic session from the Primary Segment, we have Vihaan and Eshrat from Grade 5A, and Mehak from grade 12, representing the secondary segment for the session- 2022-23.

The entire student council is supported by four strong pillars whose guidance helps the students conduct different activities. Yes, they are the House Incharges. Ms Sujata Katoch, from secondary Segment and Ms Kawaljeet Kaur from primary segment heading the Mozart House. Ms Divya Lakhina, from Secondary Segment and Ms Anu, from Primary Segment heading the Pascal House. Ms Kamaljeet Kaur from secondary segment and Ms Mamta Saini from primary segment heading the Picasso House. Ms Renu Kharbanda from secondary segment and Ms Aenna Bansal from primary segment heading the Shakespeare House.

Badges when donned mark a certain achievement.
They offer opportunity with great responsibility.
Cherish it and be prepared to take the charge.

We congratulate our young and enthusiastic Oakridgers for taking these small steps onto the path of being a great leader of tomorrow.

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