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Evolving Education System

  • 29 November 2022

The most effective institution for giving kids the ability to grasp and set lofty goals is education! Since the beginning of time, education has been prioritized above everything else, and it is our primary obligation as educators to prepare students for life. The schools give children a chance to deal with real-world challenges and develop their entire personalities.

Being an educator myself, I love to draw a contrast at times, to analyze what we were and how far have we come in the field of education. So, thought of sharing the same with you!

Questioning the Traditional Setup

With that in mind, we currently need to carefully assess if the system’s domain suits the interests of the students or not. Are we constructing machines, and are we to blame for not giving them enough resources to suit our requirements today?

There needs to be an instant change to the education system’s unchanging pattern. The procedure’s importance compromises its usefulness. Instead of only adhering to the outdated traditional methods of instruction, the students must enhance their skills. In addition, those who live in an era of invention, where many wandering creative minds are active, should possess the magic wand necessary to fully investigate who they are and prepare for society.

Learning and teaching that goes beyond traditional

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of one of the best international schools in India. In order to establish the foundation for their future, the students at Oakridge International School are given a platform both inside and outside the classroom to identify and develop their innate skills.

  • With the guidance of a teacher, students work independently. This gives learners a variety of chances to work autonomously. The privilege of authoring the transcripts independently was recently given to Oakridge students during the Annual Concert preparations. They gain confidence as a result of opportunities like this.
  • The learners have access to a range of platforms to showcase their talents. For instance, students are a part of different inter- and intra-house competitions such as poetry recitation, one-act plays, mime competitions, etc.
  • MIT challenges and global connection portals give students a variety of opportunities to develop an international perspective.
  • Student-led assemblies are organized on important days to disseminate and gather information. They contributed insightful views and insights on the subject.
  • Students can learn to value and respect their peers’ perspectives by engaging in group activities and discussions in class. Via numerous such actions learners actively participate in role plays, street plays, flip-classroom transactions, etc. on their own and develop the virtues of independence and ownership.
  • The pupils receive enough literature to deepen their understanding and broaden their knowledge.
  • Perhaps many cultural events are observed jointly, such as Diwali, Christmas, Halloween, etc., to instill the importance of brotherhood and fraternity.

Everything we encounter teaches us something, so we should never stop learning. If children are given a conducive environment that reflects their interests, it can work wonders for them and bring about a change.

Thoughts by:

Sujata Katoch

Secondary English Facilitator

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