My Journey to Newcastle University, UK – Annya Mohanty

  • 24 April 2023

I’m excited about my placements and am so glad that my hard work finally paid off. I got into Newcastle University, University of Bath and Nottingham Trent University. I was especially glad as Newcastle University and University of Bath are among the best universities in the world for architecture, and I have also received a Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship from Newcastle University which makes me all the happier.

Oakridge International School Bengaluru has definitely given me the opportunity to explore my passions through the subjects offered and the hands-on experiences provided. Visual arts as a subject, supported by the trip to Cholamandal Artists Village from school, helped me develop my portfolio. I even interned at an architectural firm with the help of Mr. Ajay. Ms. Rakhee has supported me tremendously throughout the application process and I’m very grateful for the support provided by the school. Ms. Pallavi, our school principal, has been a constant source of support and I am very thankful for the trust she has had in me through the years.

My only advice is to balance your time appropriately and give equal importance to all of the components of ib. It’s also important to manage time wisely as ib is a rigorous program. It can be made easier by the best ib school in Bengaluru, Oakridge International School.

Annya Mohanty
IBDP – 2023

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