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September 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

The newly launched Virtuoso Cult Fest along with the Investiture ceremony was an outstanding success. Our students displayed their incredible talents in various fields, including music, dance, art, and drama. It was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and I want to thank all the teachers, parents, and students who contributed to this event’s success.

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Field trip to Asha Bhavan

Our PYP learners gained a deeper understanding of the value of companionship, the importance of respectful communication, and the significance of cherishing every phase of life at their recent fieldtrip. On the other hand, the children’s presence brought a renewed sense of purpose and connection to the residents of Asha Bhavan.

The children showcased their talents through performances like singing, dancing, role play to name a few. The residents, in turn, shared cherished memories and life experiences that resonated deeply with the students.

Anita Michael
PYP 1 & 2 Coordinator

Compassionate Community



Parent Program



Insights into IB PYP

To provide parents with a firsthand experience of IB in our teaching and learning, we had a ‘key concept charades game’ led by our learners at PPC. In this interactive session learners came up with some actions for the chosen key concepts that had to be guessed by the parents by asking higher order and lower order questions. Through this engaging session parents got an overview of the key concepts questions and understood how important role they play to initiate discussions in an inquiry based classroom.

The Debate on ATL Skills was a hit in every classroom. It allowed parents to participate enthusiastically in discussing the relevance of each ATL skills in their child’s learning journey. It also provided students and parents with an opportunity to experience different perspectives on ATL. Parents had a detail and clear understanding of each ATL and understood the importance of these skills leading to holistic development of the child.

Niji Varghese
PYP Coordinator

Boosting Brainpower and Concentration!

Brain Gym exercises at Oakridge are ingeniously crafted to bridge the gap between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, ultimately enhancing its overall functionality. These exercises are rooted in the notion that simple physical activities can promote increased blood flow to the brain, leading to enhanced learning processes. Our EYP learners engage in holistic brain learning, unlocking new pathways to cognitive development.

Brain Gym exercises work wonders in nurturing academic skills such as reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, comprehension, and math. Additionally, they play a crucial role in fine and gross motor skill development during the early years.

Shreeja VP
EYP Coordinator

Brain Gym

in early years



Leadership and Culture


Oakridge Virtuoso 2023

The walls and halls of our school were abuzz with excitement as students, teachers, parents, and staff gathered to witness a spectacular display of talent and the Investiture Ceremony! The event, aptly named “VIRTUOSO,” showcased the diverse creativity of our IB learners, while also marking the Investiture of the new student council members who will lead the school in the coming year.

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