Principal’s Desk Update – June 2023

  • 12 June 2023

Dear Parents,


I am delighted to welcome back our students of grades 9-12 to Oakridge School on this beautiful day of June 12th. We are also excited to announce that we have several new students joining us this month. Our boarders have returned and are settling in well. However, I would like to inform you that we have been experiencing heat wave spells in Vizag. Rest assured; we will not conduct any outdoor activities until the weather becomes more conducive. Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we will take all necessary precautions.

I know many of you are eagerly looking forward to the start of the school year for the rest of our students, which is scheduled for June 14th, 2023. Our dedicated teachers and staff have already returned to work and are actively preparing to receive the students. They are focused on creating a welcoming classroom environment and engaging in collaborative planning to ensure that our students are motivated right from the beginning of the school year.

In addition to these preparations, our teachers are also actively engaged in our comprehensive Continued Professional Development program (CPD). This program ensures that our teachers are updated with the latest teaching methodologies and ideas. At Oakridge, we strongly believe in lifelong learning, not just for our students, but also for our teachers. We continuously strive to foster innovation in the classroom and beyond, and to deepen our understanding of teaching and learning pedagogies.

I am thrilled to share the fantastic Cambridge IGCSE results of our Grade 10 students this year. With 51% of our students achieving A*-A grades, 68% achieving A*-B grades, and 86% achieving A*-C grades across all subjects, it is truly a testament to the overall strength of our students. We also have one student who achieved a ‘full house’ of 7 A* IGCSE grades, and two students who achieved a full house of A*-A grades. I extend my heartiest congratulations to all the teachers and parents for their efforts and support in helping our students achieve these remarkable results.

Furthermore, I would like to remind you that all students must be in their school uniform on the first day they return to campus. Student ID cards will be issued within a week. Please ensure that you have received and read the School policies and Code of Conduct framework (COC), the School calendar, and the letter from the Class Teacher. It is crucial for our students to adhere to these guidelines.

I am pleased to inform you that our students have achieved remarkable results in the Trinity examinations. In Drama, 79% of our students received a distinction and 22% received a merit. In Keyboard, 73% achieved a distinction and 23% achieved a merit. In Guitar, 19% achieved a distinction and 31% achieved a merit. Congratulations to the students and their teachers for their hard work and dedication.

Continuing from the previous academic year, we will be using Century tech for Grades 2-9. The implementation of Century tech has created personalized pathways for every student and provided robust intervention data for teachers. It has accelerated learning, improved student engagement and understanding. I sincerely request parents to encourage their child to make the most of the Century tech program, as it instantly identifies and addresses gaps in knowledge, addresses misconceptions, and tailors learning content for each student.

Our NAE Global Campus extends your child’s learning beyond the classroom and the school day. Through various activities designed by educational experts and teachers, your child can broaden their knowledge and nurture transferable skills valuable in school, university, and the workplace. Our teachers have been working on integrating some of the Global Campus activities, including MIT STEAM challenges, into the curriculum.

I am proud to announce that our school has been awarded the Bronze certification and medal for committing to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of our ethos and culture. Currently, our UNICEF team is working towards achieving the Silver certification by raising awareness of rights and SDGs within the school community and putting them into practice. This initiative promotes equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination, and participation, leading to positive impacts on relationships, well-being, academic standards, and behavior.

I am glad to share that our students and teachers have returned safely from the Nord Anglia Education Swiss expedition, where they embarked on a thrilling adventure in the Swiss Alps at Glacier 3000. Despite the challenges of walking in the snow, our Oakridgers eagerly embraced the opportunity with excitement and enthusiasm. They gained valuable skills in self-sufficiency and resourcefulness through mountain trekking adventures and other activities.

I am also excited to announce that two of our IBDP students, Pranav Nandigam and Srivardhan Illa, have been selected to attend the NAE Summit 2023 in New York. This summit will provide them with a platform to focus, discuss, and share their knowledge on Sustainable Development Goals. They will have the opportunity to listen to and meet world leaders, gaining insights into their ideas and plans for making the world a better place to live. Our school emphasizes skill development and values building through our Student Development Program (SDP) classes scheduled in the timetable.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting events planned. We will be celebrating International Music and Yoga Day on June 21st. We have also begun the selection process for our student prefects, both Junior (Grade 5 students) and Senior (Grade 12 students), with the investiture ceremony scheduled for June 30th. Additionally, the IBDP 2 TOK exhibition is planned for June 24th, where students will showcase their knowledge and understanding.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the parents who volunteered as Oakridge parent partners last year. We kindly request your continued support as we nominate parent partners for your child’s class. We will be reaching out to you this week to express your interest in becoming an Oakridge parent partner.

Lastly, we will be hosting a prize day in the second week of July to felicitate our students for their outstanding academic performance last year. It will be a wonderful occasion to acknowledge their achievements.

I wish you and your child a fantastic school year ahead. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you on Orientation Day and throughout the term. Your continued support and cooperation are sincerely appreciated.

Shaila Bhamidipati


Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam