The launch of Visakhapatnam’s 1st Oak Science Park at Oakridge International School

The launch of Visakhapatnam’s 1st Oak Science Park at Oakridge International School

  • 19 June 2018

Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam: – Law of gravity, the light bulb, and space innovation would not have been possible if scientists and world geniuses have restricted themselves to learning science through books instead of exploring and experiencing real science.

In today’s world of the rat race, children are restricting themselves to textbooks and theoretical knowledge, and they aren’t exploring and experiencing science outside. To address this, Oakridge, one of the best schools in Visakhapatnam has come up with Oak Science Park, the largest science arena where a child can explore, experience and learn science outside the classrooms. The science arena helps children learn while they play and explore science practically.

The Science Park was officially launched on 16th June by India’s renowned educationist Mr. Shomie Das and Scientist of the Year Dr. Manu Korulla.

Mr. Shomie Das The Inspiration Himself, and founder of Oakridge. Mr. Das has been instrumental in setting up many schools across the country. He has worked as Head of the Physics Department – Gordonstoun School Scotland, Principal Mayo college -Ajmer, Headmaster -Lawrence School, Sanawar, and Headmaster- The Doon School. To top that, in 1963, he was a tutor to His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

Dr. Manu Korulla has been awarded the ‘Scientist of the Year’ in recognition for his outstanding contributions in the design and development of a unique Torpedo Launch and Recovery Vessel. He Interacted with Oakridge kids and appreciated their understanding of basics and their practical implementations. He also admired a wide variety of questions which student has asked.

Around 400 people have visited the Science Park. Oakridge students have demonstrated all the 22 instruments to the visitors explaining their functionality and the science concept behind it. Instruments like Anemometer helped students gauge instantaneous ‘Velocity and Direction of Wind’, ‘Circus of Energy’ explained about potential energy, kinetic energy and centrifugal force, Nipkov’s Disc, explained the working of television. Children were really enthusiastic and showing interest to learn science practically.