Ace golfer in the making
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Ace golfer in the making

  • 3 December 2019

It’s not the years of practice, but the training and hard work you put in those years that matters. An inspiring story of Sriya from Visakhapatnam

Sriya, a 16-year-old Oakridger, is an ace Golfer. However, until recently, she had never picked up a golf club. In a sport where most start golfing much early, Sriya developed an interest in Golf only two years ago. And, in this short span, Sriya has qualified for RFGC Golf Championship, Malaysia, and clinched the third position at Albatross Inter-school Championship, national-level Golf Tournament.

When asked about her meteoric rise in the golfing world that has left everyone spellbound, Sriya, says, “I am often asked how many events I have played in and won; well, the count is low. But events like the Intersheel Junior Championship in Bangalore and Gurugram, and the Ambank Sports excel in Malaysia have been rewarding.”


Reminiscing her rather late initiation in the world of Golf, Sriya, with a feeling of disagreement, says, “I was always told that I was at the significant disadvantage, not starting early at the age of 5 or 6 like my competitors. I always believed that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. While a lot goes into preparing for the events, sweating out in the gym, etc., but the mental aspect is the key—golf, for me, is played in the space between my ears; hence, my temperament and how I handle my nerve decides the outcome.”

On achieving a near 100% in her Biology exams despite grueling golf practice sessions, Sriya says, “School is very supportive of my aspirations for a career in golf. I can take leaves so that I can practice and participate in the competitions. School provides additional help in the form of notes and worksheets via email and further catchup with teachers once I return to school.”


Speaking about Sriya, Biju Baby, School Principal, says, “Sriya is a role model for other students when it comes to balancing her passion for sports and quest for academic excellence. She has championed both the causes—and excelled in both. Sriya, with Oakridge since Grade 1, epitomizes a true Oakridger.”

Further, Biju adds, “Oakridge, One of the best CBSE Schools in Vizag believes that one size does not fit all. Each child is exceptional—with unique sets of competencies and interests. Teachers at Oakridge, adapt to the individual requirements of each child so that they can achieve their true potential pursuing their dreams.

Sriya seems to be living her dream and says, “while the path to my goal is rather steep, the climb is pretty exciting! Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you have the motivation and dedication to do so.” The school salutes Sriya’s spirit!

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