Principal Desk Update January 2022

  • 10 January 2022

Dear Parents

I hope you all are doing well.

‘To lose patience is to lose the battle’, said Mahatma Gandhi. This thought resonates with me as I hear the voices or rather see the action around. We witness people losing patience and see the lack of adherence to Covid protocols around us. As we see the rise in the Covid cases across the country, I urge everyone to be patient – do not let go. It is our collective duty to keep our community safe so that our children can be back to in-person school at the earliest. Do practice the 3W’s and V:

  • Wear a mask
  • Watch your social distance
  • Wash/ Sanitize your hands
  • Vaccinate yourself, your family members, and your children, incase they are eligible.

We all want to celebrate our moments of happiness with our family and friends. Life becomes richer with such memories and experiences. However, once again I suggest exercising patience. Celebrate, enjoy………but remember the mantra of the 3W’s and the V.

I am very proud that currently, 100% of our staff is fully vaccinated. We aim to achieve this milestone for our students as well. We are reaching out to the parents of our 15 – 18-year-old students. In case any parent needs support with the vaccination/ booking a slot etc. then do reach out to the class teacher. Let’s join hands to keep our community safe.

As I pen this note there has been yet another change in the school space due to the spread of the infection due to ‘Omicron’. However, we are most excited to welcome our students back. Our students of Grades 1 -12 join back on 10 January through our Virtual School Experience.

Do remember the virtue of patience – I am sure that very soon we will welcome children into physical school. Till then stay safe, stay healthy and hold onto the 3W’s and V.

Kind regards

Ramanjit Ghuman