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5 Reasons Why Summer Camp is Important?

  • 28 May 2022

Flashbacking to my school days, I can still imagine the adrenaline rush announcement of summer camp would give each one of us in the student community. We would start planning a week in advance with our batch-mates and would eagerly wait for the day to come.

Best International Schools provide ample opportunities to grow even in the summer vacations. Being the Communications Manager at Oakridge Mohali I have seen a similar wave of excitement in the school community for the Oakridge Summer Camp 2022, especially because it is happening physically after 2 years of wait!

What is the purpose of a summer camp?

Every parent is curious about their child’s activities during the summer and school breaks. According to some, it’s a time for kids to play and have fun. Others see it as an opportunity for kids to hone new skills or improve their academic performance.

But do you know why should one opt for this wonderful experience?

Because summer camps are where many people have their most memorable moments. They can pull the youngsters out of their routine and engage them in something fun and innovative, teaching them new skills and allowing them to meet new people.

Here are the top 5 reasons why is summer camp important:

  • A fun place to be at

Summer camps provide a safe setting for youngsters to set themselves free and have a good time. The majority of camp activities focus on having fun while simultaneously teaching youngsters life skills, building resilience and fostering their creativity.

  • Take a break from the technology

It is an excellent approach to encourage youngsters who are too sedentary to live a much more active life, reducing their screen time.

  • Forge new friendships

Summer camps are frequently packed with children from various walks of life. This is beneficial to your child because they will be able to learn about all types of people and make friends with individuals they may not have met in their regular lives.

  • Build lifelong memories

The memories of fun and laughter from summer camp will be with them for the rest of their lives. With new friends, new skills, and a new self-esteem that builds confidence in your child, there is no doubt that your child will be able to create lifelong memories at summer camp. The lessons from such camps will work as a guiding light in their day-to-day activities and while making bigger decisions in life.

  • Supports working parents

Summer camps can also assist parents, as they can maintain their regular routines without worrying about how to keep their children entertained. If you work, this is a fantastic alternative for you.

Our activity coordinator, Ms. Mansi Chaudhary quoted:

Our summer camps at Oakridge Mohali are packed with adrenaline-fuelled adventures, opportunities to forge new friendships, and expertly crafted programs designed to inspire your child’s confidence, creativity, and resilience.”

Looking for a useful and creative way for your children to spend their summers at one of the best schools in Mohali? At Oakridge Mohali we are hosting a Summer Camp where your child will have fun, make new friends, and learn valuable life skills.

Don’t wait, let’s beat the heat with some fun and fitness, while attending the summer camp at one of the best schools in tricity. Open to both Oakridgers and non- Oakridgers.

Thoughts by:

Simranpreet Kaur

Communications Manager, Oakridge Mohali

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