Taking off to aviation dreams from Oakridge

  • 22 February 2024

My name is Aaditya Kaushik Padmanabhan. I am currently a DP 2 student, part of the 2024 batch at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru. I have always had a passion for aviation in terms of flying and understanding the systems that allow planes to fly.

With this in mind, I had applied to many universities with the hope of pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. My joy knew no bounds when I heard that I am placed into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which is well known in the aviation industry.

I am happy with the opportunity that the school has given me to achieve my dreams. As someone who has been in the school for over 5 years, I have enjoyed the support that I got from friends and teachers and the overall culture of the school has been very good. The school’s impact has been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams.