From Oakridge to Overseas: My Journey as an Aspiring Writer and Scholar

  • 14 March 2024

I’m Divya Tarak Balaji, a DP2 Student at Oakridge International School. I have written and published two novels called ‘Without Flaws’ and ‘Ederra’ and wish to continue studying English and Creative Writing in the future. I have received offers from all 5 colleges in the United Kingdom that I applied to. I haven’t finalised my choice yet. Apart from the UK, I have also gotten into Minerva University, which has only a 1% acceptance rate.

Oakridge was a crucial part of my college journey. My teachers have written touching Letters of Recommendation that were vital to my application process. What I love most about Oakridge is the community – that is supportive as opposed to competitive. My friends helped me with valuable suggestions for my admissions essays and have been my biggest support system through the entire college application season.