A budding economist charts her path to UK universities

  • 6 March 2024

I am Jia Misra, currently finishing my 5th year at Oakridge International School, Bangalore, as an IBDP2 student. Thus far, I’ve received placement offers from The University of Manchester, Durham University and The Queen Mary University of London.

My passion lies in Economics, with aspirations to venture into investment banking or wealth management. Economics fascinates me because it transcends textbooks and theories; it is a palpable reality we wake up to everyday.

Through my academic journey, Oakridge teachers have consistently been a pillar of support, welcoming frivolous questions or even offering mentorship. Equally, I am grateful for my friends who extend empathy even in situations where our paths diverge. Nevertheless, our shared experience of these last few years of IB will always be something worth cherishing.