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October 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

I am delighted to share with you that Oakridge is ranked #3 in Bangalore city and Karnataka state as the best day co-ed international school by the Education world. Many congratulations to the students, staff and the parent community for another recognition as all these awards not just validate our efforts but also strengthen our resolve to continue to give our best.

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Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra

Field trip to Pet Sanctuary

In alignment with Oakridge’s educational philosophy, students from MYP 1-3 recently embarked on an exciting visit to “Praani – The Pet Sanctuary,” situated on Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. The objectives of this outing were carefully tailored to align with subjects such as Sciences and Individual & Societies. These objectives encompassed gaining firsthand exposure to animals and their habitats, expanding their knowledge of various animal species, and developing an appreciation for the role of local communities in promoting sustainable tourism.

During their visit, students were privileged to explore approximately 15-16 distinct exotic pet species, each serving as a remarkable ambassador for its respective species. They actively engaged with these wonderful creatures, having the opportunity to touch, feed, and connect with them.

Indrani Roy
MYP Science Facilitator

Outdoor Learning



8th Edition

Bangalore JMUN


Oakridge Inspires Gen Z Debaters and World Changers

Since the first Bangalore JMUN in 2016, the conference has come a long way in providing an enriching experience to 6th to 9th graders with a passion for debate and public speaking. The one of its kind MUN in the city witnessed a large participation of 200+ students from across 8 schools.

“Conferences like JMUN provides a platform for the leaders of tomorrow to engage in critical diplomacy and problem-solving.” said the chief guest of the conference, author, actress and transformational coach, Yasmin Sait. She further narrated her experience of instilling public speaking skills in her celebrity children Kubbra Sait and Danish Sait.

Local community projects to global initiatives

On 1st September 2023 we had a day scheduled for SAA which focused on taking powerful approach that provides integration of “Service as Action” with academics. By combining academic learning with meaningful service experiences, we provide students with a life skill that prepares them for life in a complex and interconnected world. Students made posters, scripts and 3D model based on SDG’s Goals and advocacy component for service .

Service as Action is a powerful educational philosophy that empowers students to be agents of positive change in the world. It transcends the traditional classroom and equips students with invaluab skills and attributes that will serve them throughout their lives. By fostering empathy, critical life skills, and a sense of global citizenship, we are helping to shape a brighter and more compassionate future.

Suprriya Walaawalkar
School Counsellor & CAS Coordinator

Service as Action

in CAS



NAE Webzine


Insights on the latest education trends

I first became aware of Insights Webzine back in late September at our global Senior Leadership Conference and was hugely impressed by the thought-provoking content and opinions offered by the contributors.

I particularly found one statement from the article on social purpose interesting where the author wrote that Social Purpose should be in NAE students’ DNA, developed at school, giving them a connection with the world around them. This resonates with our school’s CAS Project Suvriddhi where our students are raising funds to renovate government schools in our vicinity.

Kind Regards,
Pallavi Mishra

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