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May 2024

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Expert Articles from NAE Webzine

INSIGHTS, the global publication from Nord Anglia Education, has published two new articles taking an in-depth look at AI in education and the role of metacognition in teaching and learning.

Future of AI

and Metacognition


Season of Graduations

and Recognitions


Congratulations Class of 2024!

Our EYP2, PYP5 & DP2 learners graduated from their respective segments and transitioned to the next phase. Grand celebrations were organised and the learners were thrilled to toss the caps in the air as they completed a significant milestone and began a new chapter. There were also Recognition Ceremonies for all other grades to acknowledge and appreciate the progress our IB learners have made in the AY 23-24. See our social media for the photos!

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Culmination

As students progressed through the Middle Years Programme (MYP) 1-3, they embarked on a journey of intellectual exploration and personal growth. Central to this journey was the culmination of general knowledge and current affairs, which serves as a cornerstone in shaping students into informed and engaged global citizens. This culmination program was designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world.

Nurturing Informed

Global Citizens





The Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

Celebrating critical thinking and the quest for knowledge, IBDP 1 students had Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition on 21st May in school. The learners explored the prompts such as

1. Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?

2. Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?

3. Is bias inevitable in the production of knowledge?

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